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Arabic can be a complex language for English speakers, but it’s not impossible. It’s spoken in over 15 countries worldwide, and learning it is recommended if you want to know more about Islam. Besides, understanding how to communicate Arabic will be useful when you visit any Arabic-speaking country. Here are some of the top apps for Muslims to learn Arabic.

Why do you need to learn Arabic?

Before diving into the apps to learn Arabic for Muslims, let’s talk about the need to learn this rich language. Here are a few tangible reasons that make learning Arabic worthwhile.

1. Valuable language in several Middle Eastern countries

Learning Arabic allows you to work and travel to the Middle East, where Arabic is the national language. With this, you can connect with the Arabs easily. The Arabs are friendly and helpful, so they will give more respect to any tourist who has taken the time to learn Arabic.

2. International experience

Studying abroad is available to students studying languages. You can also visit countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, etc. The Middle Eastern countries have great importance to the US government and businesses. Hence, you can get as much international experience if you learn Arabic.

3. A better understanding of Islam

The best way to understand Islam entirely is to learn Arabic. It’ll allow you to read the Quran, understand its message, and converse with scholars who know best.

4. An edge over others

Due to the complexity of the language, many shy away from it. However, learning Arabic will give you an edge and help you look more intelligent and sophisticated.

5. Huge rewards

Learning Arabic helps you connect better with reading the Quran. Yes, many people prefer to read English or other languages versions, but Arabic is the chosen language. The Almighty revealed the Quran in this language, and there are rewards for reading it.

6. An obligation

Learning Arabic is an individual and a communal obligation. You must know the basics to fulfill your obligations as a Muslim.

Best Apps to Learn Arabic for Muslims


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Mondly is one of the best apps for Muslims to learn Arabic. It’s perfect for beginners because of its easy-to-navigate user interface. The lessons are flexible, and you can choose the order in which they will be completed. The interactive app stimulates basic conversations that can help you communicate better.

 It also has a tracker feature which you can use to track your learning and set goals. It’ll motivate you because you’ll see how easy learning new words is. Mondly has both the paid and free versions.

Why we like Mondly

  • Interactive courses to help beginners learn fast
  • Accurate learning stats to keep you motivated
  • There are over 30 languages on the app 

Why we don’t like Mondly

  • There are a few typo errors that need to be corrected for learners.
  • The voice recognition feature only works sometimes.


Italiki is another app for Muslims to learn Arabic. It’s different from other learning apps because it’s a place to practice speaking with Arabic speakers online. Cool, right? You can find different tutors worldwide who can help you talk to Arabic better.

Italiki has over 400 Arabic tutors, and you can use the filtering option to filter them according to their location, the languages they speak, etc. It’s the best place to learn the different Arabic dialects seamlessly.

Why we like Italiki

  • It comprises many Arabic tutors who can improve your speaking skills.
  • The filtering option is to choose the Arabic tutors you want.
  • The classes are flexible.

Why we don’t like italiki

  • The tutors set their prices, so you might want a tutor you can’t afford.
  • The app might not work with some headphones.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language learning app that uses engaging and immersive exercises for lectures. There are one-on-one tutoring sessions and a personalized learning system that helps you focus and learn quickly.

Rosetta Stone has features like interactive exercises, voice recognition, etc., which help improve pronunciation. The learning system is built to optimize your progress and focus on the area where you need more comprehension and conversation. It has both the Free and paid versions.

Why we like Rosetta Stone

  • Speech recognition feature
  • High-quality audio by native Arabic speakers

Why we don’t like Rosetta Stone

  • The Arabic version can be difficult for beginners.


LingQ is a perfect learning app for Muslims. It makes Arabic reading and learning easy. Also, it has diverse content you can choose from, and it’s easy to develop vocabulary lists and review the words and phrases you’ve read.

On LingQ, you can create your lessons by importing any of your favorite podcasts, video series, or books, and the platform will create Arabic lessons from them. It also has the paid and free version.

Why we like LingQ

  • It’s easy to create novel vocabulary lists
  • Importing content to create your lessons.

Why we don’t like LingQ

  • Most of the features are available on the premium version.


ArabicPod101 is one of the top apps for Muslims to learn Arabic. It’s in the form of a podcast, which depicts the “pod” in the name. Also, it’s a podcast resource with audio lessons, audio recordings, articles, and video lessons in English and Arabic.

Likewise, it also offers a good deal of vocabulary, grammar, and conversational language lessons that you can learn at your own pace. They update the lecture materials frequently, so there’s a new thing to learn.

Why we like ArabicPod101

  • The audio, video, and text content helps to improve the learning.
  • The lessons are simple and short.
  • The materials are constantly updated.

Why we don’t like ArabicPod101

  • The app has a huge gap between beginners and advanced learners. There is no middle ground.

Bottom Line

In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of the best apps for Muslims to learn Arabic. We’ve also added the reasons why learning Arabic is essential. You should check it out!