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Technology has made seeking spiritual enlightenment easy by providing amazing tools. One of the best tools you can have as a striving Muslim is the Quran translation app. These apps offer translations of the Quran in simple terms that you can understand and are known for incredible features and resources. If you’re a non-Arabic speaker, and you’re finding it hard to read the Arabic version of the Quran, you can get any of these apps. In this section, we’ll be exploring the best apps for Quran memorization and translation on iOS and Android.

1. Quran

Quran is an excellent app that’s perfect for translation, recitation, and memorization. It’s designed with a simple user interface, and it’s easy to navigate. It has a web app, Quran.com, where users can also continue their Quran study. Some features include a series of reciters and translations, bookmarks, audio speed features, Night mode, audio recitation, translation in over 20 languages, and so on.

Users have access to different verses and can also explore the Tafseer section for more enlightenment. It’s a great choice for Muslims looking for a simple and enriching Quran recitation experience. You can follow some tips to memorize the Quran fast.

Why we like the Quran

  • Amazing reviews on Google Playstore
  • Available in both iOS and Android

Why we don’t like the Quran

  • The search feature doesn’t work for Surahs, only ayah
  • The audio play button may not work.

Links: Android/ iOS

2. Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed is an exceptional app, trusted by over 60 million users worldwide. It’s available on both iOS and Android for ease of use. It offers a complete Quran in different scripts, which well-known scholars proofread. The app has various themes, Qibla finder, a search section, four English translations, and over 40 other languages. It’s one of the best apps for Quran memorization and translation. It also has Quran TV, audio recitation playback, bookmarking, English transliteration, etc.

Why we like the Quran Majeed

  • Different translation and recitation options
  • Easy to use for memorization and translation.

Why we don’t like it

  • It contains ads
  • Users can’t turn off notifications for promotions.

Links: Android / iOS

3. Tarteel AI

Are you looking for the best app for Quran memorization and translation ? Try Tarteel AI. Tarteel AI is a Quran app that focuses on Quran memorization and recitation. It makes use of AI to point out mistakes, so it’s an effective tool for improving your memorization.

It also has translations in multiple languages and is designed for memorization via audio recitations and personalized goals. Furthermore, it has premium features for advanced memorization and is able to listen to your recitation and detect mistakes.

Why we like Tarteel AI

  • AI-powered recitation
  • Access to premium features like session playback, challenges, and mistake history.

Why we don’t like Tarteel AI

  • The paid version is expensive
  • Users might not be able to detect memorization issues.

Links: Android / iOS

4. Quranic

Quranic is another app that’s specially designed for users who long for an understanding of the Quran. It’s designed for beginners and experienced learners.

It has an interesting learning approach that’s interactive and blended with traditional Quranic learning. Also, it offers modern learning tools, engaging quizzes, leadership boards, and lessons to help students understand and memorize the Quran.

Not only that, but its features also include an easy-to-navigate user interface that encourages daily engagement, making the Quran teaching accessible to a wide audience.

Why we like the Quranic app

  • Users can read live with other people
  • Users have access to exams, challenges, flashcards, etc.

Why we don’t like the Quranic app

  • The Quran translation feature is only available on iOS

Links: Android / iOS

5. Al Muqri

Al Muqri is one of the best apps for Quran memorization and translation. It has over a million downloads on the Play Store and more on the Apple Store. The app has different reciters and can play specific sets of surah and verses. It’s free to use, with no ads and detailed English translation. Also, it has a repetition feature and is perfect for users looking to memorize the Quran easily. Al Muqri even improves listening to reciters at your pace.

Why we like Al-Muqri

  • It’s free to use
  • No ads

Why we don’t like Al-Muqri

  • It doesn’t have a zoom feature
  • Also, it doesn’t have page numbers for the Surahs.

Links: Android / iOS

6. Quranly

Quranly is an exceptional memorization and recitation app with amazing features. It has great reviews from past users, and its gamification feature is a game-changer for most users. It has different features like the audio listening, streaks, simple user interface and iman booster challenges.

The app helps to build a Quran memorization habit that forms the basis of your iman. It gives a visual representation of daily progress, tracker, challenges, balanced design, reminders, etc. Quranly app is build mainly for users to develop a Quran reading habit and to get closer to Allah (SWT).

Why we like Quranly

  • The streak feature and color changes
  • Daily visual progress of users
  • Amazing reminders
  • Interesting quizzes and challenges

Why we don’t like Quranly

  • The app tends to lag sometimes
  • Users can have issues paying for the subscribed version

Links: Android / iOS

Bottom Line

The Quran is a crucial part of every Muslim. Reciting and memorizing it is a great way of connecting with Allah (SWT) and getting closer to His words. Technology has made life easy, up to the point that you can memorize and translate the Quran easily. 

In this section, we’ve explored a selected number of the best apps for Quran memorization and translation. You should check them out.