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The Mishkah University was previously known as the Shari’a Academy of America. It was established in 2004 to become an institute worthy of learning and teaching students. The need for Islamic universities was the muse behind its establishment. Dr. Salah Assawy and some founders saw the need and decided to find an institution that’s flexible and affordable for students of knowledge.

Like its name, “Mishkah,” a hollow for lamps in the wall, aims to be the light that lit the students’ paths. It’s one of the best online Islamic university.


The Associate Degree at Mishkah University is a two-year program. The program provides students with a strong foundation in Islamic Sciences and discipline. It comprises 22 courses and costs $50-$85 per course.

The Bachelor’s program is an Islamic Studies program that offers 41 cores from several departments. For example, some departments are Islamic History and Civilization, Arabic Language, Quranic Studies, etc. Likewise, it costs $50-$85 per course.

The graduate program at Mishkah University is available only in Arabic. In addition, students must have a bachelor’s degree in the same field of interest. The Master’s courses cost $75 per credit and $100 for Doctorate courses.

However, Mishkah University is still working on accreditation. The application plan is in process, and the good news is coming!

Scholarships at The Mishkah University

The Mishkah University only offers scholarships to some Imams who work for mosques in the US. They get a 50% scholarship if they have good academic records and leadership skills. Moreover, students who refer new students to the institution can be eligible for a 10% and above discount. Installment plans are also available for students. Students with impressive academic records can apply for the project within the semester. 

The installment is only for the tuition fees and doesn’t include other university fees. Furthermore, one of the graduates from this promising institute is Imam Mowlid, the founder of Al-Misbah Quran Academy. He’s an Imam in Durham, North Carolina, pursuing his Doctorate.

Accreditations & Affiliations

 Mishkah University aims to be the first accredited Islamic university. They’ve begun the preparation for the accreditation application process. They must unite the application with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). However, they’re accepted by the commission of the Florida Department of Education since they complied with Section 1005.06(1)(f) of Florida Statutes on religious institutions.

Furthermore, the university is affiliated with Ez-zitouna university since 2019 and Al Jinan University since 2009.


Mishakah University organizes Ejaza Online, an annual Ramadan Quran Competition. The program is part of the Quranic Studies Department. With it, the university aims to make Islamic education accessible to all. Also, the competition will help the university attain its goal of becoming the most prominent academic institution to graduate Hafiz and Mujaz reciters worldwide.


Islam encourages seeking knowledge – most especially learning about the Deen. Mishkah University is one of the best online Islamic universities focused on impacting Muslims with the proper knowledge. They have different programs at affordable prices, and you can check them out!