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Key Takeaways

  • Many Muslims seek the best places to visit in Ramadan 2024 to get the whole feeling of the month. 
  • Muslims fast to understand what the needy go through daily – the fast makes them appreciate Allah(SWT) and acknowledge that everything they have is from Him.
  • Ramadan is more than abstinence from food & drinks. It’s about developing better habits, becoming a better Muslim, and absconding from sins.
  • Muslims observe Ramadan to learn more about self-discipline, perseverance, purification, and reconnecting with Allah(SWT).

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It’s a period where Muslims fast from Sunrise to sunset in the hopes of getting more rewards from Allah(SWT). Ramadan 2024 is predicted to start around March 10th till April 8th, 2024. Many Muslims have the habit of visiting several destinations during this period – hoping to see the goals from another angle and learn more about Islam. 

Thankfully, we’ve researched and compiled the best places to visit in Ramadan 2024. The $ sign beside the goals suggests the affordability($ = cheapest $$$$ = Most Expensive).

Ramadan in Dubai ($$$)

Dubai is first on our list of the best places to visit in Ramadan 2024. It’s a tourist hotshot yearly, but it’s special during Ramadan. The Ramadan excitement is everywhere – shopping malls give discounts and promotions during this blissful month. In addition, the government organizes more events to remind Muslims of the essence of Ramadan and how to cherish it before it’s gone. 

  • Iftar

The Iftar is announced with the cannons, and the hustle & bustle of the city begins. Many Muslims head to the mosque to break their fast with their Muslim brothers and sisters. It’s an emotional sight depicting the love for one another and Islam. Most restaurants use Arabic tents called Ramadan Majlis during Iftar and offer a memorable and healthy menu to break your fast.

  • Mosque

During Ramadan, everyone strives to reflect on their relationship with Allah(SWT). Therefore, mosques are usually filled and more full during Iftar and Taraweeh sessions. It’s the same in Dubai, and the Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque in Al Safa houses more than 1,200 people during Iftar. People from all walks of life sit together to share the Arabic cuisines, laugh, and gist about their days. You can join them if you’d like to experience this spirit of Ramadan.

  • Foods

 On the streets and alleys of “Old Dubai,” you’ll find a display of delicious Iftar snacks outside the restaurants. Snacks like samosas(made from flour), pakoras(made from chickpeas and vegetables), teas, ice cream, parippu vada( deep-fried vegetable balls), etc., are usually available. The busiest time for restaurants is typically after Iftar. 

That’s when people trickle in to buy the snacks and munch before preparing for the next day’s fast. Hardee’s is one of the local delicacies in Dubai. The meal is prepared with shredded lamb and boiled wheat mixed or crushed. 

  • Taraweeh

Taraweeh is another significant aspect of Ramadan. It’s the night prayer after the obligatory prayer. The soothing Recitation of the Holy Quran fills the air as the prayer is held in various mosques. Many people turn up for this prayer as it’s a great way to reflect on the day’s fast, pray with an open heart, and connect more with Allah(SWT). 

  • Family

Ramadan is an avenue to bond with family and bridge gaps. Dubai is an excellent destination for this – if you have family and friends there. You and your family can cook together, read the Quran and listen to Tafseer, break your fasts, drive into the city, and observe the night prayers together.

 Moreover, you can reconnect with friends in Jumeirah after Iftar, get snacks, see the city in a new light, and catch up with what’s happening in your life.

  •  Night Market

The night market is another unique activity you’ll engage in when visiting Dubai during Ramadan. You’ll find many things like calligraphers, food stations, spices, henna, decorations, etc., mainly all you’ll need during Ramadan at Souq Al Mirfa. It’s an outdoor activity that’s quite entertaining. Children play around, and the city lights up with the noise and laughter of the people. 

Ramadan in Qatar ($$$)

Qatar is also one of the best places to visit in Ramadan 2024. It is known for its boisterous ambiance and architectural design in the tourist world. It attracts many tourists annually, so visiting it during Ramadan will make you see the country in a novel light. When you observe Ramadan in Qatar, even the malls remind you of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah). 

  • Iftar & Suhoor Cannon

Like in other Muslim countries, the cannons signify Suhoor ending and Iftar. However, the night callers make sounds that wake people about two hours before Suhoor.

 Even though digital devices can tell the time, the Qataris still use cannons to preserve the tradition. The tradition was said to have begun during Ottoman rule. You can see the cannon in Qatar in four places- Katar, Souq Al Wakrah, Souq Waqif, and the State Grand Mosque in Doha.

  • Mosques

The mosques in Qatar have a lovely atmosphere during Ramadan. Many people turn up for prayers, increasing the beauty of bringing everyone together to pray to Allah(SWT). In addition, some mosques organize Qu’ran competitions and kid’s corners, and people come around for the community iftar and Suhoor. 

  • Foods

The best delicacies that usually grace the Iftar tables in Qatar include Harees( prepared from meat, wheat, oil, and cinnamon), Luqaimat(fried dough that’s layered with rose-flavored sugar syrup), etc. As you might have guessed, these delicacies are locally made and essential during Ramadan.

  • Taraweeh

The night prayers at Qatar mosques are usually heart-wrenching and emotional. The recitation of the holy Quran, the pleading for Allah’s Mercy, the standing in congregation with other Muslims, and the cars parked by the roadside all add to the country’s beauty. Some people set up makeshift prayer spaces to pray with family and friends; it’s an incredible sight that you might not see in any other country.

  • Family

Qatar also celebrates Ghabga during Ramadan. Ghabga implies the month of the midnight feast, and family & friends come together to enjoy the spirit of togetherness. The youths have their gathering, the men & women too, and they all unite in relaxation, peace, love, and intimacy- as they reminisce and give thanks to Allah (SWT). 

Likewise, children celebrate Garangao- a celebration that encourages children who attempt to fast in the middle of Ramadan. Families then come together and distribute sweets, nuts, and candies to children through the night. 

  • Charity

Giving charity is a way to earn more rewards with Allah(SWT), especially during Ramadan. The Qataris have a unique tradition for this. They give alms to the poor and needy and donate to the Tables of Mercy – also called Ma’edat Al Rahman.

During the blessed month of Ramadan, Qatar nationals and residents rush to give alms to the poor and needy to attain their Lord’s favor. Thus, thousands of needy congregate around what the Qataris call Ma’edat Al Rahman, meaning the tables of Mercy, which include meals, dates, Milk, etc., for people in need. The people who set this table consider people from other cultures and ensure the food suits their tastes. How amazing it is! 

Ramadan in Egypt ($)

Egypt is another halal-friendly destination you can visit during Ramadan. The country embraces its Islamic roots and displays them to tourists. You’ll encounter special activities in Egypt and spend time with the people. Some unique Ramadan activities in Egypt include;

  • Ramadan Lantern

Egypt is one of the best places to visit in Ramadan 2024. The Ramadan Lanterns are the month’s significant symbol and add to the country’s beauty. Several lanterns decorate Egypt’s homes, streets, restaurants, malls, and hotels.

They’re mostly lit at sunset and mark the end of the fast during Iftar. Also, they’re turned off when it’s time for Suhoor, so you can see the meaning they hold during this month of Mercy. The lanterns are a tradition, and they’re made from copper and designed with colorful & mosaic translations.  

  • Foods

There are particular foods to try when you visit Egypt during Ramadan. Some of them include Konafa(cake prepared from honey, wheat, sugar, nuts, and raisins), Mahshi( Vegetables filled with flavored rice), Atayef(Pancakes served with syrup and honey), etc. You’ll also taste several Ramadan beverages like Khosaf( a Turkish drink made from dried fruits soaked in water), tamarind, Carob, Cold hibiscus, etc.

  • Mosques

Most mosques are open to receive Muslims during Ramadan. Many people turn up to pray and eat Iftar at the mosques. It’s an inviting atmosphere where everyone shares their meal and laughs together.

For instance, the Al-Azhar Mosque in the old Islamic area of Cairo hosts hundreds of Muslims annually and provides Iftar for them. This feature is one of the many bounties to receive during Ramadan. Meanwhile, the melodious recitation of the Qu’ran during Taraweeh and Tahajjud is quite peaceful and brings you closer to Allah (SWT)

  • Iftar & Suhoor Notification

In Egypt, the Egyptians fire the cannon, which is a notification of the end of the fast. This tradition is widely common in various Muslim countries, even though it started in Egypt. For the Suhoor, the Mesaharaty goes around to beat drums to wake people. It notifies the people that it’s time for Suhoor, and they eat.

  • Family

Since Ramadan brings everyone together, you should also tune into this spirit. It’s even better if your family is in Egypt. The gatherings of family and friends during this month are quite rampant, and they host it to share meals, share knowledge, and extend invitations to others. In fact, Egypt is one of the countries that never sleeps, and it’s more lively during Ramadan. 

  • Charity

Ma’edet Al Rahman’s (Table of Mercy) is more common in Egypt. The long table consists of local delicacies whereby the poor & needy can visit forIftarr. It’s a rampant charitable act during Ramadan, and passersby are welcome to partake in the feast. Likewise, the tables are found close to some restaurants that serve iftars, and the most famous tables are situated in Ramses Square, Al-Hussein, Al-Azahat, and Al-Sayed Zeinab.

Ramadan in Morocco ($$)

Speaking of the best places to visit in Ramadan 2024, Morocco is one of them !Ramadan is a significant aspect of Morocco’s culture, and exploring the sights during this period would be fantastic. It’ll be an opportunity to learn more about the people, their character, and the ambiance of the country during this period. See some activities you’ll experience in Morocco.

  • Iftar Session

The Iftar Session means the bearing of the fast. Some go to the mosque to break their fast before the Maghrib prayer. However, you might find the streets of Morocco quiet during this time as most families break their fast at home. But you’ll see the bustle resume after the night prayer. This is because the cannons, like in other Muslim countries, signify the fast breaking.

  • Foods

Another reason we added Morocco to the list of countries celebrating Ramadan is the traditional dishes. It’s the best time to try out several cuisines you don’t see on a usual vacation year. Moroccans use traditional food to break their fast, including Milk, water, chebakia pastries(sesame cookies covered with honey), harira soup (bean soup with chickpeas and meat), etc.

Likewise, you’ll get to see other dishes like Makouda(fried potato balls dipped in tahini), Pastilla(crumbed filo pastry filled with fruits), Sellout(a sweet prepared from sesame seeds, flour, and almond), etc.

  • Mosques

The ambiance at the mosques in Morocco held during this merciful month is second to none. You’ll see the mosques overflowing with people wishing to reconnect with Allah(SWT) and get the rewards for observing the fast. The warmth and love that radiate from sharing dates and observing congregational prayer are genuinely fascinating. 

Hundreds of thousands of people from Casablanca and other cities trickled to the Hassan II Mosque(one of the unique mosques in the whole world and the largest in Morocco) to observe the Taraweeh (night prayer). 

  • Families

Ramadan is a chance to bond with families and friends. Moroccans invite their families, friends, and neighbors to break the fast with them. You might also get one or two of these invitations as a tourist. The meal usually comprises the local Moroccan dishes, and Harira soup is always constant. After the night prayer, you’ll see the city filled with family funfairs, where the light decorations and laughter make the environment magical.

  • Taraweeh

The night prayer is a sight to behold. Worshipers flock to the mosques to serve this extra prayer. The recitation fills the air, and you find people getting emotional from Allah’s (SWT) words as they ponder on the meaning during the prayer. It’s a great way to relax, earn rewards, and connect with the Almighty. Taraweeh usually lasts about an hour or more, after which the people return to the city for entertainment.

Ramadan in Malaysia($$$)

Malaysia also made it to our list of the best places to visit during Ramadan 2024. It’s a particular time for Muslims, marked by various cultural and religious practices. Here are some of the activities you’ll enjoy as a halal traveler in Malaysia.

  • Iftar

At sunset, around 7:30 pm, Malaysians break their fast with a meal. It typically starts with dates and water, followed by various local dishes, fruits, and beverages. Dishes like Ayam panggang, Bubur Lambuk, Putu Mayam, Kuih-muih, Apam Balik, etc are usually popular during Ramadan in Malaysia. 

  • Entertainment

Malaysia has a vibrant atmosphere during Ramadan. Bazaars known as “Pasar Ramadan” spring up across cities and towns. These bazaars offer many local delicacies and traditional foods, attracting locals and tourists. Additionally, there might be cultural performances, religious talks, and various events organized by mosques and community centers.

  • Taraweeh

 Taraweeh prayers performed nightly during Ramadan, are observed in mosques throughout Malaysia. These prayers have a devout atmosphere, and many mosques host special programs, recitations of the Quran, and lectures to engage worshippers during this blessed month.

  • Foods

 Malaysian cuisine shines during Ramadan with a diverse array of traditional dishes. Popular foods include satay, rendang, lemang, nasi kerabu, and various sweet desserts such as kuih, bubur lambuk, and the famous Ramadan drink, Air Bandung.

  • Mosques

Malaysia boasts beautiful mosques, and during Ramadan, these mosques are filled with worshippers performing Taraweeh prayers. Some mosques, like the Federal Territory Mosque in Kuala Lumpur or the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya, hold special religious programs and events during Ramadan.


During Ramadan, families come together for prayers, Iftar meals, and special gatherings. The spirit of unity and togetherness is strong as families bond over shared religious practices and traditions. Stop worrying if you’re still contemplating the best places to visit in Ramadan 2024. This article will give detailed information about Muslim-majority countries where you can enjoy Ramadan and improve your spiritual self.