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Islam teaches us to love one another, whether they’re your friends, neighbors, family, or, of course, your spouse. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a way of giving thanks to the Almighty for His guidance throughout your years of marriage. Many people might say it’s an imitation of the disbelievers; hence, there are many questions about celebrating wedding anniversaries in Islam.

However, it’s acceptable to celebrate a wedding anniversary as a Muslim. It helps you to be more grateful to Allah, and as you look back over the years, you find more reason to acknowledge the greatness of Allah (SWT). Here are a few reasons why you can celebrate wedding anniversaries in Islam.

1. Respect

Wedding anniversaries are an avenue for your spouse to be more respectful in your marriage. When your spouse respects you more, it’s all a part of having a grateful life. Hence, wedding anniversaries in Islam are usually celebrated with Duas and remembrance of Allah.

2. Love

Celebrating your wedding anniversary means that you love your spouse as much as they love you. Allah loves those who make their spouse happy because it’ll increase the lifespan of their marriage. Many couples don’t even remember their wedding anniversary, so they don’t bother to make it memorable for their spouse. Celebrating your anniversary is a means of making someone happy, and Allah is pleased with people like this.

3. Gratitude

Celebrating wedding anniversaries in Islam is a way of showing your gratitude to the Almighty. When you look back at the challenges you and your spouse have navigated and your current situation, it’s only due to the mercy of Allah. So, celebrate your anniversary in a way that will depict your gratitude.

4. Responsible Spouse

As an individual, celebrating your wedding anniversary will help you take on more responsibility towards your spouse. Since it’s your job to keep your spouse happy, this celebration will help you to accomplish that task. In fact, celebrating your wedding anniversary can help you to know if your spouse is truly responsible for you and wishes to make you happy.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can celebrate wedding anniversaries in Islam. We’ve given a few of the reasons why it’s possible above. Even though many scholars have different opinions, the fact still stands that marriage is an institution ordained by Allah (SWT). So, celebrating the amount of years you’ve used with your spouse isn’t an act of imitating the disbelievers, but a way of glorifying the Almighty.