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Marriage is rosy at the start. The union looks like an unbreakable bond that lasts forever. The family cooperates, and it runs smoothly. But somewhere along the lines, disputes ensue. Although this is natural, the disputes can either make or mar marriages. In this section, we’ll dive into common challenges Muslim couples face and possible solutions.

Marriage conflicts can deepen the bond between couples only if they’re solved quickly. It can even help individuals to behave maturely and refine their self-improvement. Many couples allow conflicts to be the guide in their relationship.

Conflicts are unavoidable in any close relationship since two people can’t be emotionally involved without differences. Having a difference with your spouse may be the reality check you need to get something done or think about someone other than yourself.

Several differences can break marriages. They can include culture, intimacy, faith, family, upbringing, food, hobbies, finance, etc. Let’s check out a few common challenges.


Couples disagree about many things, but Money is one of the most frequent issues. It can be about the husband not caring for the home, the wife being burdened with more responsibility than she could handle, or not paying Zakat. It can even be about fighting over the bills, separate bank accounts, withdrawal from a joint account without the other party’s notice, depending on credit cards, etc.


  • Make a manageable budget to track expenses, income, and investments.
  • Get interest-free loans for only reasonable opportunities
  • The husband should strive to care for his family, including his wife.
  • The wife should reduce nagging when it comes to financial responsibilities.


Parenting is an essential part of any home—the conflict resulting from parenting results from tension in the marriage. Challenges can be children demanding too much, inadequate care of the kids, indulging their excesses, and spoiling them.

The best solution for this

  • Learn about Islamic parenting before giving birth.
  • Make a pact with your partner about how you want to raise your children.
  • Tighten the bond with your spouse so you can always come together to address issues with children.


Stress is a common factor in many people’s lives. It can sleep into marriages and cause conflicts. Also, it can include stress from work, children, taking care of the house, family members, etc. It’s a painful experience since you might be unable to control it. 


  • Develop a coping mechanism to reduce stress
  • Never transfer aggression to your partner because you’re stressed.
  • Strive to avoid bringing work-related stress into your home.
  • Talk about what’s stressing you.

Spiritual incompatibility

Many Muslims grow up with loops in their understanding of Islam. Instead of learning more, some believe it’s enough to keep them going. While that is partially right, learning more about your Deen is essential not just for you but also for your partner and future kids.

Spiritual incompatibility among Muslims can break a marriage. The wife might think that the niqab isn’t obligatory, while the husband wants her to wear it by fire or by force. Issues like this comprise spiritual incompatibility. 

You might be on a different level regarding Islam with your partner, but the enthusiasm to learn more will save your marriage.


  • Learn more about your Deen.
  • Always correct your spouse about a spiritual fact in the best way possible.
  • Marry someone fearless in learning more about the Deen.
  • Develop tolerance and balance for your spouse’s shortcomings. After all, Allah (SWT) is the All-forgiving.
  • Keep striving to attain the highest level of Iman.

Families and In-laws

Families have an influence and impact on the couples. They can disrupt marriages if the couples aren’t careful.

Here are a few solutions to the issue.

  • Don’t interfere in family or in-laws’ issues that don’t concern you.
  • Give your spouse’s parents the love they deserve
  • Don’t ever allow your spouse to be between you and their family.
  • Give your in-laws time to get used to the fact that their kid is married.
  • Be respectful and don’t interfere when your spouse clashes with their family.

Domestic violence

Many marriages result in divorce because of excess anger, which can lead to domestic violence. It’s a sad reality, but many Muslim couples face domestic violence today. Domestic violence can affect children and give them the wrong notion about marriage.

You can stop domestic violence by:

  • Seeking help from a marriage counselor
  • Pray to the Almighty about it to make it stop
  • Talk to a pre-marriage counselor before getting married. 
  1. Sexual issues

Sexual issues are also one of the common challenges Muslim couples face. It’s even one of the least addressed issues in marriage, but it can cause havoc. Many couples get married without learning about the significance of sex from the Islamic perspective. So, when your spouse isn’t satisfied, it may lead to marriage conflicts instead of looking for the best solutions.


  • Learn about sex from the Islamic perspective
  • Understand what sex entails before getting married.
  • Be open to trying new things with your spouse.

Final Thoughts

Marriage is a significant aspect of your life as a Muslim. It’s about completing half of your Deen, so it’s paramount. Issues will arise when you’re married to someone, but how to address the issues is a problem. Don’t result in having a broken marriage because of conflicts that have solutions. In this section, we delved into a few common challenges Muslim Couples face and solutions.