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Some people think that Muslims don’t do anything for fun. Some might even say the only thing we do for fun is to listen to Islamic lectures; well, that’s okay! However, are there several fun Islamic Activities you can engage in? Here are some fun Islamic activities in 2024. Fun activities aren’t restricted to a particular group or religion.

Everyone can have fun. If you’ve been looking for fun Islamic Activities as a teenager or adult, this write-up is for you. Get ready to explore some entertaining Islamic Activities.

1. Paintballing

Paintballing is one of the fun Islamic activities in 2024 you can engage in. It is a competitive game that has a military setting. It involves opponents shooting one another with a gun filled with paint. When a person is hit, it signifies he’s dead and can’t continue the game. As a Muslim, you can go paintballing with friends and family to enjoy yourself.

2. Singing Nasheeds

You think Nasheeds are for kids alone? No! Anyone can sing Nasheeds. You can get into a great mood by tuning into one of your favorite Nasheeds and singing along. It’s a fun activity you can do with friends or alone.

3. Islamic Paint and Sip

Looking for fun Islamic activities in 2024? Paint and Sip is one of the best! Paint and Sip events are events where individuals demonstrate their hidden talents in painting. You can attend an Islamic paint and sip class to draw Islamic art. Also, you can attend the usual Paint and Sip to mingle and meet like minds. Paint and Sip is a fantastic event because you tend to learn more while having fun.

4. Islamic board games night

Get your friends together with Islamic theme board games and cards. You can try games related to Islamic history and about the companions of the prophets. Similarly, a prize can be attached to the winner of these games to make it more interesting.

5. Memorization games

Play a game of checking how far you’ve memorized the Quran with friends and families. You can also add trivia questions, which will be fun and jolt your memory. This is one of the best fun Islamic activities in 2024 as it helps you to learn and have fun simultaneously.

6. Movie nights

Movie nights with popcorn and drinks are so relaxing and entertaining. Choose a movie that resonates with you and watch it once a week. It’ll help you calm down and feel relaxed and comfortable.

7. Outdoor Activities

Activities like camping, fishing and hiking are no exceptions for Muslims. You can join a group of hikers to visit a mountain with beautiful scenery. Doing this will help you appreciate nature more and give thanks to the Almighty.

8. Poetry

Do you have a flair for poetry? Organize a poetry event where participants can recite Islamic and thought-provoking poems. You can also include an open mic session for spectators to express themselves through spoken word poetry.

9. Window shopping

Window shopping is a way of appreciating beautiful items, even though you might not buy them. You can decide to window-shop after any Islamic event, which will help you spend more time with friends and get to know other people.

10. Cooking class

You can also decide to take a halal meal cooking class, where you’ll be exposed to halal meal preparation. If you’re looking for fun Islamic activities in 2024, taking a cooking class is a great option. It’ll be an excellent way to learn more about halal food and learn to prepare different halal recipes.

11. Volunteering

As a Muslim, your fun activity can be volunteering your time to a few Islamic and sustainable organizations. You can choose a recycling organization and get together with like minds to clean your surroundings and advocate against plastic pollution and the need for recycling.

12. Art exhibitions

Islamic art and exhibitions are an aspect of Islam that everyone should know about. You can attend Islamic art exhibitions and explore geometric patterns, color mosaics, calligraphy etc. It’ll be an exciting occasion. Art exhibitions are one of the top fun Islamic activities in 2024. They’re fun, classy, and fabulous!

13. Exercise

Exercise might seem stressful, but it’s also a fun activity, especially when you do it with friends. You can get a gym membership and set a body goal to work towards. If you’re not a gym person, you can try mundane exercises like jogging, skipping ropes, sit-ups, running, etc.

14. Yoga

Yoga is a great alternative to exercise, and it’s also a fun activity for Muslims. It helps with meditation and alerts your mind and subconsciousness. Register for a yoga class, and you’ll see the amazing effect.

15. Playing dress up

You can play dress up in your house as a fun activity. It’ll be an opportunity to explore fashion ideas and see the one compatible with your body shape.

Bottom line

You can do many fun activities as a Muslim if you want to. Don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise. In this article, we’ve explored about 15 fun Islamic Activities in 2024 you can embark on. Check them out, and you’ll find out.