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It can be challenging to date as a Muslim and stay true to your faith. The rise of Muslim dating apps and sites has reflected that it’s important to learn now more than ever the act of dating in Islam. In this section, we’ll explore the popular halal dating apps for Muslims in the US and a few tips for dating in a halal way.

Islam dating rules are guides that govern how Muslims approach relationships. A few Muslim dating rules are:

  • No physical contact.
  • No sex before marriage.
  • No sex talk.
  • Dating with a chaperone is a must.

Muslim Dating Rules According to the Islamic Principles

1. Date with the intention of marriage

Dating should be solely to find the right partner for marriage. It shouldn’t be a casual or fling relationship, but a serious commitment to build a strong marriage. So, when dating someone, you must be clear about your intentions to ensure you’re on the right track with the person.

2. No physical contact

One of the most important known rules about Muslim dating is to avoid physical contact. It includes holding hands, kissing, and other intimate touching. The rule is critical because it’s part of the boundaries Allah (SWT) has set to preserve your purity and innocence. It’s also a way of avoiding temptation and harm that can come from premarital physical intimacy.

But no physical contact doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your partner before marriage. You can get to know your partner better via conversations and spending time together with a chaperone.

3. Avoid having sex talks.

You should also avoid talking about sex, and it includes making suggestive comments, engaging in sexual activities before marriage and sharing explicit photos.

 Although physical attraction is essential in any relationship, it’s not the sole factor determining your compatibility with your partner. Emotional intimacy is more important because it’ll help to forge a deep and meaningful relationship with your prospective partner.

4. No sex before marriage

Sex before marriage in Islam is haram. That’s why halal dating emphasizes preserving sexual intercourse for marriage. It’s a crucial rule you must follow to prevent the consequences of premarital sex, like unwanted pregnancy and emotional heartbreak. Sex is sacred and should be shared between married individuals who are committed to each other forever.

5. Take your relationship slowly.

Dating can be exciting, but rushing into a relationship can lead to heartbreak and other complications. So, take time to get to know the person and their view about halal dating to ensure they take it seriously. 

Taking it slow means you get to know the person at your own pace and can involve discussing goals and future plans. Taking your time will help you see whether the person truly values and is compatible with you.

Halal Dating Apps for Muslims in the US.

After understanding a few of the Muslim dating rules, let’s check out some Halal dating apps for Muslims in the US.

1. Zoosk

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Zoosk is a popular dating site with over 40 million users worldwide. The app is fun to use and easy to operate. Zoosk is available in some countries, including Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, Belgium, and South Africa. It has a free version and a paid monthly subscription for around $29.

Why we like Zoosk

  • It’s versatile, providing services to several singles of diverse backgrounds, including Muslims.
  • The site has a behavioral matchmaking technology that connects Muslim singles based on interests, attraction, and values.

Why we don’t like Zoosk

  • It’s not for Muslims alone
  • The features of the free trial are limited.

2. Muzz

Muzz is another halal dating app for Muslims in the US. It was formerly called Muzzmatch, combining modern technology and traditional values. The app has features tailored to each ethnicity and sect.

It also has strict privacy features and claims that users can allow chaperones in conversations. Other features include a rating system, GPS location and a selfie verification system. It has a free and paid version of about $25 per subscription.

Why we like Muzz

  • Designed specially for Muslims
  • The free version has all the features needed for dating.

Why we don’t like Muzz

  • It doesn’t have a web version
  • There are a lot of ads in the free version.

3. Salams

With over 4 million Muslims, Salams is a dating app that has helped different Muslims to meet their lifetime partner. It’s one of the best Muslim marriage app and it was formerly called Minder. Salams is available in over 100 countries, so you can be flexible with your connection.

Muslims can also find halal friendship on the app by using the Salams connect and find their life partner by using the Salams love feature. Other features include advanced filters, stealth mode, profile stats, etc.

What we like about Salams

  • It’s available in different countries
  • Well-organized interface and easy to use

What we don’t like about Salams

  • App tend to glitch after an update

4. Match

Match is a famous dating site that has been in existence since 1995. It has a reputation for connecting Muslims with genuine partners. It’s a good start for Muslim singles. Likewise, it has a vast user base with safety features, making halal dating easy. The app is easy to download and navigate. 

Why we like Match

  • It has a detailed section of search options that caters to choices like lifestyle, faith, and interests.
  • It has incredible features like Match phone and MatchEvents to foster the best community.

 Why we don’t like Match

  • You have to pay to send and receive messages.

5. eharmony

eharmony is one of the best halal dating sites for Muslims in the US. It has a 29-factor compatibility test for users and a matching system to connect users based on backgrounds, personalities, and life principles.

The app sends match suggestions depending on personalities and goals. It has a free version and a user base of over 10 million.

Why we like eharmony

  • Its compatibility matching system is very effective.
  • Muslims are connected to their prospective partners who share their values and interests.

Why we don’t like eharmony

  • Users can only view profiles once the system matches them with someone.
  • The compatibility is time-consuming.

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that halal dating is on the rise with the increase in halal dating apps. However, you should know that there are some halal dating rules you should abide with. We’ve delved into some of these rules and explored a few halal dating apps for Muslims in the US.