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Traveling as a Muslim will compel you to look for halal-friendly destinations. It’s because of how essential it is to live according to the Islamic rules. Even as an immigrant, you want to relocate to a place where Islam is accepted, and Muslims aren’t stigmatized. Hence, we’ve compiled a few halal-friendly cities in the US.

These cities have been harboring Muslims for years, and the Muslim communities are standard. So, you can check them out to find the ones that are suitable for you.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas is known for its diverse population and welcoming atmosphere to people of different culture and faith. It’s a Muslim-friendly city in the US that has several resources to strengthen the Muslim community there. Some renowned Islamic scholars like Omar Sulemain of the Yaqeeen Institute, Yasir Qadhi have also lived in the city. Dallas has a plethora of halal restaurants like Afrah Mediterranean Restaurant & Pastries and Shahi Cafe.

The city houses popular mosques like the Islamic center of South Dallas, Masjid Al-Islam, Islamic Center of Irving, amongst others. It’s indeed one of the best places for Muslims to live in the US.


Chicago is another halal-friendly city in the US. It’s a community with the most active Muslims. Due to their activeness, the community services aren’t restricted to Muslims alone; the non-Muslims also gain from them. It’s one of the largest cities in the US, with a diverse set of cultures and traditions.

There are various mosques, halal centers, restaurants, and cultural events. Muslim travelers will feel comfortable in Chicago and can find the right resources.

Muslims have a deep-rooted history in Chicago since the late 1800s when the first Muslim immigrants entered the city. There has been a massive increase in the Muslims’ population since then.

The restaurants offer different cuisines ranging from African, South Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. Also, there are several Islamic educational institutes in Chicago like the American Islamic College, the Islamic Foundation School, and NGOs focused on supporting the Muslim community.

New York City

New York City is one of the most halal-friendly cities in the US. Many Muslims in the USA live in New York and New Jersey. The city is home to about 250+ mosques, which is the most significant number in the US. The mosques are usually open to non-Muslims and for tours.

Due to the vast Muslim population, there are several halal friendly stores around the city. You can find traces of Islamic culture and traditions around New York. New Jersey, especially, is a significant area for Muslims, especially people from Bangladesh and Turkish.

New York City is an ideal area for Muslim travelers. There are famous restaurants like Mamoun’s Falafel, Kebab Empire and others. The hustling and bustling of New York are intriguing, and there are many sightseeing locations.

Muslims can visit different landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, and visit museums like the Museum of Modern Art.

Houston, Texas

Texas is one of the best destinations in the US where a Muslim can live peacefully. Houston and Dallas, especially, are unique places. There’s an increase in the Muslim reverts that inhabit these areas. Although Texas is predominantly full of Christians, the city is still a fantastic place for Muslims.

 There’s a thriving Muslim community, cultural attractions, and numerous Halal-Friendly options, so what more do you want?

Houston welcomes visitors from different backgrounds with its rich and cultural monuments. It’s also home to one of the largest museums in America, The Museum of Fine Arts.

The natural landscapes in Texas offer outdoor activities and relaxation that allow Muslims to connect with nature. In fact, there are many famous Islamic scholars from Texas — the likes of Omar Suleiman, Yasir Qadhi, etc. There are also many halal foods and mosques in Texas.

Dearborn, Michigan

 Michigan is located in the Great Lakes region in America. The state has a huge number of people inhabiting it, and a significant amount are Muslims. One of the cities with the highest Muslim population in Michigan is called Dearborn.

Other cities with a sizeable Muslim population in Michigan are Detroit and Hamtramck. The city has different mosques, and Detroit is home to one of the oldest mosques in the US. 

The mosque has a rich history and has been a place of solace for the Detroit Muslim community for over a century. Michigan is a halal-friendly state with different halal restaurants, mosques, and stores.

Bottom line

Relocating as a Muslim can be a dilemma if you don’t know your way around halal living. When you stay in a halal-friendly location, you get halal opportunities to guide you. Since the US is a non-Muslim majority country, you need Muslim-friendly communities that will accept you. Thus, we’ve explored these few halal-friendly cities in the US.