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Hair Dyes are a way of coloring the hair in different shades. It brings about a whole new look and self-acceptance. Fortunately, all shades of hair dyes are permissible for Muslims except Black. So, let’s delve into Halal hair dye brands.

There are several hair dyes, although Muslims have to use the Halal types. Halal hair dyes don’t contain alcohol, animal derived ingredients and harmful chemicals. They’re wudhu compliant and ensure water permeability. We’ve researched popular Halal hair dye brands that can benefit Muslims. Also, we’ll be seeing some benefits of Halal hair dyes too.

Why You Should Use Halal Hair Dyes as Muslim Women

Muslim women who conform to halal practices will need halal hair dyes for different reasons. Halal Hair Dyes are formulated to adhere to the Islamic Shariah, so the ingredients are permissible. They don’t contain alcohol and animal-derived substances that aren’t slaughtered according to Islamic practices.

Conventional hair dyes may contain these ingredients, deeming them unfit for the typical Muslim woman. Besides, halal hair dyes are formulated with cruelty-free ingredients, ensuring that they’re safe for use.

1. Natural and Safe ingredients

Halal Hair Dyes prioritize organic ingredients. They don’t include harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and ammonia in conventional hair dyes. The organic ingredients will reduce the risk of allergic reactions and have a mild impact on the scalp.

2. Gentle Formulations

Halal Hair Dyes are focused on being gentle on the hair and scalp. They’re mostly gentle and contain nourishing ingredients like vitamins, essential oils, and herbal extracts, leading to healthy hair strands.

3. Nice odor

Normal hair dyes usually have strong and unpleasant odors because of toxic chemicals. However, the organic ingredients make halal hair dyes smell nice and inviting.

4. Long-lasting color

Halal Hair Dyes often stay for a long time, and they don’t compromise the healthy status of your hair. 

5. Environmentally friendly

Halal Hair Dyes are organic, so they have minimal environmental effects. There’s no oil spillage or industrial air pollution; they’re environmentally friendly.

6. Sensitive skin

Since halal hair dyes contain mostly natural ingredients, they may suit people with sensitive scalp. Also, those prone to allergic reactions can use it without worrying too much.

Popular Halal Hair Dyes Brands

1. Radico Organic Hair Colour

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Radico Organic Hair Color provides the right protection your hair needs. It’s an organic hair dye that is deep and leaves a very dark effect after application. It also helps to treat itching and flaking. Radico Organic Hair Color is certified by EcoCert and USDA, so it’s safe to use. It contains ingredients like Amla, henna, indigo, Brahmi leaf, hibiscus flower, etc. The dye is available in colors like dark brown, mahogany, Burgundy, ash blonde, honey blonde etc.

2. Miranda Hair Colour

Miranda Hair Colour is a halal-certified hair dye brand that produces striking hues. The brand has over ten pastel and neon colors, and it’s known for the deep pigmentation the products provide. Also, it’s recommended for people with sensitive scalps since it contains non-irritating properties and multivitamins that ensure successful hair coloring. It even includes conditioners that help to retain your hair moisture and keep the hair color from fading.

3. Gumash Hair Color

Gumash Hair Color is another halal hair dye brand on our list. It’s wudhu-compliant and comes with hair treatment masks. The products are available in several colors like copper, Burgundy, and dark brown. Also, it doesn’t contain ammonia and parabens, the controversial ingredient in halal hair colors.

The main ingredients in Gumash Hair Color are Argan oil and cocoa butter. These ingredients ensure that your hair color becomes deep, healthy and radiant. Popular 

4. Shurah Hair Colouring

Shurah Hair Colouring moisturizers and add color to your hair. It ensures healthier hair strands using organic ingredients like botanical essence, henna extracts and goat’s milk. The brands’ products are also known for their UV protection feature that helps people to keep the sun out. Shurah Hair Colouring has about seven shades of brown, red and black, which you can add to your hair and be confident it’ll last after many washes.

5. Garnier Color Naturals

It’s one of the best halal hair dye brands in Singapore. It’s tangle-free and wudhu-compliant. The hair color is ammonia-free and provides 100% hair color coverage. Some organic ingredients are almond oil, olive oil and avocado oil to improve hair shine and nourish the hair. The dye also promises a long-lasting, rich color impact on your hair.

Bottom line

Hair Dyes are a good way to explore other versions of yourself and to get a new look. But they must be Halal, as a Muslim. Your halal Hair Dyes should be alcohol-free, ammonia-free, and contain organic ingredients permissible by the Islamic Rulings. We’ve highlighted different halal hair dye brands that will serve you greatly. You can check them out and explore the options.