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As a Muslim, your home should represent Islam, your values, and your identification. Regarding home decoration, you should go for items that speak about you. Muslims should incorporate Halal home decoration aesthetics. You can use your home’s design to encourage a religious and productive atmosphere in your daily life.

Are you interested in halal decoration in your home but need to know how? Here are some tips that will guide you to make the right decision.

1. Have a prayer area.

The five daily prayers are a part of every Muslim. So, it’s essential to restrict a particular area for Prayer. Remember the qibla direction while designing the area—Arrange mats, shawls, Quran, hadiths, and other materials to create the right aura. You can design the walls with Islamic artwork like Ayat-Ul-Kursi and other surahs in the Quran. String lines with Islamic geometric patterns will add to the beauty of the space.

2. Islamic Art

Decorate your house with geometric patterns and themes common in Islamic art. You can use wooden walls to separate the rooms, use tapestries, and arrange lights and vases to add a traditional and modern touch. 

Remember that the Qur’an forbids artworks depicting humans and animal figures, so avoid them. Creative and beautiful mosaic patterns will improve your home decor.

3. Calligraphy

Another essential feature of any halal home decoration is calligraphy. Calligraphy designs are one of a kind in Islamic art. The ability to depict the Quran’s words via ornamental scripts gives calligraphy an edge over others. You can decorate your home with calligraphy by purchasing a few art pieces or designing a project with your family.

You can also decorate it with your favorite Quran verse and frame it. 

4. Reminders around the home

Reminders help you to remember Allah and his benevolence over you constantly. So, you can have Dua cards, dhikr phrases, and signs that help to praise the Almighty at every turn. Also, use Islamic geometric designs to create a sense of Tawheed in your home.

5. Show your heritage

There are a diverse group of Muslim – American Muslims, Turkish Muslims, Malaysian Muslims, etc, and each has its cultural heritage. So, you can add this heritage to your home to showcase your origin and history.

6. Use a Tasleem sign.

Muslims greet one another by saying the Tasleem. So, you can put up a sign that says “Assalamualaikum waramotullah wabaratukutuhu” in your home or at the door. It’s a great reminder always to spread peace wherever you go.

7. Simplicity

Remember to be simple in your designs while going for a halal home decoration. Simplicity can also be beautiful. Islam frowns at extravagant spending and decoration, so, you should strive to be simple in your decoration.

8. Use a shoe rack.

While designing your home, always have a shoe rack where guests can keep their shoes. It’ll prevent people from carrying impurities into the house and a pile of shoes at the doorstep.

9. Have a masjid

If you have the space, rather than a prayer area, build a small mosque inside the house for you and your family. Having a mosque will prevent dirt from getting to the prayer area and help connect better with the Almighty. A mosque will also make praying better with family and having religious conversations more accessible.

10. Low-level seating

According to the prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah, Muslims sleep and sit on the floor. Hence, modern-day Muslims can go for low-level seating or sit on the floor to value simplicity.

 Bottom line

Following the above guidelines will make your Halal home decoration journey easy. Your house will be a place of solace where you can enjoy life and connect with Allah (SWT).

Ensure to create an environment where you and your family members may promote Islam and display its values to your guests.