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Key Takeaways

  • These halal honeymoon destinations are the best out there
  • These destinations are famous for leaving Muslim couples satisfied and fulfilled during visits.
  • We’ve compiled these halal-friendly destinations while considering comfort, adventures, luxury, halal, and budget.
  • Halal honeymoons should be magnificent, and these resorts/Islands will suit you perfectly.

Halal Honeymoons are a celebration of the journey into marriage. After Nikkah, many people choose halal honeymoon destinations where they can get to know each other better. So, many Muslim couples strive to select a location in a halal environment that suits Islamic rulings. We, however, know how frustrating this can be – since there are numerous locations to choose from. 

But you don’t have to fret as we have the solution to your problem. We’ve researched and compiled about ten halal honeymoon destinations where you can have the best time with your new spouse. The $ sign beside the halal destinations suggests affordability($ = cheapest $$$$ = Most Expensive).

1. Adenya Resort ($$), Turkey

Turkey is one of the best halal honeymoon destinations; resorts like Adenya made it so. The resort is situated on the sunny southern coastline of Turkey. 

  • It’s a contemporary resort with amenities like restaurants, a gym, indoor pools, etc. The resort is located on the shores of the Mediterranean and has separate pools for men and women. 
  • You can even book a spa session to relax the tension and enjoy your stay. The modern rooms and beach facilities for both genders make it unique. 
  • The restaurants serve halal food, and the hotel provides a complimentary buffet breakfast.
  • Istanbul is one of the most famous locations in Turkey, and it would be a crime not to visit it. Muslim couples can cruise on the Bosphorus River or visit the Blue Mosque, one of the unique mosques around the world.

2. Ayada Maldives($$$)

The Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. And, of course, it’s a fantastic location for Muslim couples, too. The Maldives is home to several islands/resorts where you can have privacy and enjoy your spouse’s company, the beaches, and the lush nature. The Ayada Maldives is our pick, and it’s a Halal resort that offers you the best experience for your honeymoon.

  •  The resort offers private villas with Turkish-inspired decor. 
  • The amenities are Muslim-friendly as the villas are alcohol-free, and halal food is in surplus.
  •  The Ayada Maldives is a combination of modern styles with traditional Maldivian designs. It houses over 120 suites and villas. The Island has over seven cafés and restaurants where you can explore several drinks and dishes. 
  • The Ottoman Lounge serves the best coffee and tea, and Magu serves buffet dishes ranging from Maldivian to Mexican, you name it! While Sea Salt offers you delicious BBQ on the beach, these are some experiences you mustn’t miss on this Island. 
  • The resort facilities include a recreation center, boutiques, a sports court, a spa, etc. The Island is full of nature from its lush and tropical gardens, where you can have utmost peace.

3. Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara($$$), Qatar

Speaking of halal honeymoon destinations, Qatar is another place. It has numerous monuments like The Pearl, Souq Waqif, Doha Corniche, etc. The Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara signifies elegance. It’s Qatar’s first water villa, allowing newlyweds to discover their pleasures in one place. 

  • The Island has a wellness center, eight dining choices, a private beach, and even a cooking class. 
  •  The dining options provide you with a personal chef, and you can set up a fantastic & romantic dinner for your spouse.
  • The perfect time to visit Qatar is from November to March, during the winter, but you can go any time if you have no problem with the heat. 
  • Another experience you should take advantage of on this trip is a picnic by the Khor Al Adadid water edge.
  • The spot is one of the few locations on Earth where the Sea invades deep into the heart of the desert.  

4. Mandarin Oriental($$$), Turkey

The Mandarin Oriental is another Muslim-friendly honeymoon destination for your spouse. The resort is located in Bodrum, Turkey, and is known for its five-star accommodation and Asia-inspired environment. 

  • The resort is quite famous for its sophisticated designs and charm. It’s situated along Paradise Bay, thus giving you an excellent view of the Aegean Sea. 
  • It offers two private beaches and several restaurants- the restaurants serve international and modern Japanese dishes where you can take your taste buds on a jolly ride.
  • Meanwhile, you get private villas, if you want, an alcohol-free environment, halal food, and mosques on the resort. The interior decor speaks of Turkey with a bit of Oriental touch.  
  • The Junior Suite at the Mandarin Oriental is perfect for Muslim couples on their honeymoon. You’ll get your private pool with incredible sea views that’ll melt stress and prepare you for marriage—while you enjoy the experience.

5. Oasis Lodge($$), Morrocco

Where else would you as one of your halal honeymoon destinations if not Morocco? The Morocco Kingdom consists of about 99% Muslims, so a halal lifestyle isn’t a problem. Likewise, the kingdom is tourist-friendly, beautiful, and has roots in Islamic history. Marrakech is one of the cities in Morrocco, and Oasis Lodges is located there.

  • The rooms at this lodge have a terrace and are furnished to tourists’ satisfaction. They also include a fireplace that can come in handy to create the best romantic atmosphere during your honeymoon. 
  • The Oasis Lodge serves halal foods and features a ladies-only indoor pool.
  •  You get free Wifi from the hotel, a garden for picnics and evening strolls, a fitness center, and even a hammam. 
  • Since Oasis Lodge is situated in the beautiful Marrakech city, you can visit the old city(Medina) before exploring the main square, where you can find different Morrocan food. You can also visit the Koutoubia Mosque, one of the city’s famous mosques. Interestingly, it’s not far from the lodge.

6. Arish Luxury Suites, Skardu Valley($), Pakistan

   Arish Luxury Suites is located in the Skardu Valley, Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places to spend your honeymoon. The Skardu Valley is in the far North of Pakistan, and mountains surround it. It houses the second-highest mountain, and it sits above sea level. It’s advisable to visit this valley from April to October, the tourist season. 

  • The Arish Luxury Suites is one of the beautiful hotels in the Skardu Valley. The hotel is luxurious, as its name implies, and it’s a fascinating sight.
  •  It offers magical views of the mountains surrounding it, halal food, privacy, and fantastic service. You can visit notable places around the Skardu Valley, like the K2 Museum, Katpana Desert, Satpara Lake, etc., and spend the night in the luxurious suites of the Arish Luxury Suites. 
  • Likewise, you’ll witness various natural sights at the Skardu Valley, like snow-capped peaks, lush and rich green fields, desserts, pretty meadows, etc.

7. Shanti Maurice – Hotel, Villas & Spa($$$), Mauritius

Shanti Maurice – Hotel, Villas & Spa is situated in Mauritius. Mauritius is a halal-friendly country that’s popular for vacations. The Island, with its white sand and magical views of the Indian Ocean, attracts tourists from far and near. The Shanti Maurice is one of the popular halal honeymoon destinations for couples.

  •  It’s more of an estate that includes different rooms according to your subject of stay. Likewise, it features private pools, waterfalls, beaches, and a quiet environment perfect for your romantic getaway. 
  • The resort is mainly surrounded by coral reefs, exotic gardens, terraces, and mountains.
  • The hotel serves halal food only and has about four restaurants where you can dine. 
  • You can take evening strolls around local attraction centers like the Chamarel Mountains or ask the hotel to organize sailing trips around the city. In addition, you can do several activities at the hotel – couples massage, facial treatment, movie nights, horseback riding, etc.

8.Aston at the Maui Banyan($$), Hawaii

Aston at the Maui Banyan is one of Maui, Hawaii’s most elegant and affordable hotels. The hotel is set on rich & lush tropical landscaping that makes you feel tranquil and at home. Hawaii is known for its volcanoes, beaches, cultural heritage, and active peaks. It’s a natural beauty that’ll suit you perfectly for your honeymoon.

  • The Aloha State (Hawaii) is a beautiful, magnificent spot for your halal honeymoon. You can stay at the Aston at the Maui Banyan Resort while on this voyage.
  • All the resort rooms have private balconies that’ll provide your needed privacy.
  • Hotels and restaurants in Hawaii primarily serve vegetarian and gluten-free food, with little reference to halal foods. But if you make a special request, you can get halal food at the resort. 

9. Regis Bahia Beach Resort($$$$), Puerto Rico 

St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort is Puerto Rico’s first AAA Five Diamond resort on a former coconut plantation. Puerto Rico is a civilized vacation spot whose charm is the people and the Caribbean. The Island’s tourist season is from December to April, so visiting during this period is advisable.

Moreover, July and August are another tourist season, but if you want to keep low and avoid getting lost in the crowds, visit Puerto Rico from May to November. However, it coincides with the hurricane season. 

The Island is one of the top halal honeymoon destinations for Muslim couples. It offers several location options, sandy beaches & resorts, tropical forests, and art cuisines that’ll leave you drooling.

  • The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort features nature trails, 60+ acres of lakes, a boat house, and intimate suites that can boost your relationship on the honeymoon. 
  • Most rooms give you a beautiful view of the ocean and gardens, leaving you gasping at their green richness. Most rooms have free Wifi, and you can get butler service if you want.
  •  There are two onsite restaurants- Paros and Seagrapes, where you can enjoy Greek dishes and international cuisines.
  • Are you a golf player? Then, you can look forward to the resort’s 18 holes.  
  •  Most rooms at the resort have private balconies where you can spend quality time with your partner, eat halal food ordered on special request, and relax while watching the spectacular ocean. 

 The St. Regis Bahia Beach is much more than a beach or resort; it’s an epitome of wonders.

10. Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa($$), Bali

Bali is a great exotic destination for your halal honeymoon. Its natural landscape includes green mountains, rice fields, waterfalls, coral reefs, etc., and the Balinese people’s creativity and culture are marvelous.  

  • The Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa is a halal-friendly resort you can lodge on this trip. It nestles within tropical gardens and rivers and is a peace bundle. 
  • The resort has rooms with private outdoor pools, terraces, hammams, massages, etc., with 100% privacy for ladies only. 
  • However, if you request it in advance, Halal food is served at the Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa.

Bali appeals to many Muslim tourists and offers maximum privacy for Muslim women. The Island is remote, beautiful, and an oasis of nature that’ll make you glorify the Almighty. The mosques on the Island are unique and give you a piece of tranquility when you visit and pray in them. 

One of the best adventures on this Island is the Caldera Lake, formed about 27,000 years ago, whose natural history will intrigue you.


Nikkah is an essential aspect of Islam. Many couples go on honeymoons to relax and enjoy each other’s company before the marriage journey. A dilemma most Muslim couples face is choosing halal honeymoon destinations. Fortunately, we’ve solved this dilemma. Our recommendations are trustworthy; you’ll realize they’re compiled from in-depth research.