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Getting halal food is one of the biggest dilemmas of Muslim travelers. It’s easy to find halal food in a Muslim-majority country, but what happens when you visit a non-Muslim majority area? Fortunately, a few apps can help you track halal restaurants and markets where you can get the best products.

This section will explore some of the top halal restaurants finder apps in 2024 that you can use worldwide. Let’s go!

How to Verify that a Restaurant is Halal

Finding a halal restaurant is essential, but verifying the hall status is also considered. It’s not enough to trust the restaurants like that, especially if you’re new to the place. Here are a few ways to certify that the restaurant is genuinely halal.

1. Halal certification

One of the best ways to verify whether a restaurant is halal is by checking for a halal certification. It’s usually displayed at the restaurant’s entrance or on the menu. Halal certification is when an Islamic organization inspects the restaurant’s ingredients, sources, and preparation to ensure the meals are prepared according to Islamic dietary laws.

2. Halal restaurant finder

You can use Halal Restaurant Finder apps like Zabihah and Halal Dining Club to check the restaurant’s status. You’ll see user’s reviews and ratings, and it’s an excellent way to verify if the information is reliable.

3. Check online

The internet is a vast space where a quick search can give you the necessary information. You can check online platforms like Yelp to see people’s reviews and ratings about the restaurant. Social media like Instagram and Facebook are also good places since many people share their experiences.

4. Ask the restaurant

You can ask the staff at the restaurant about their halal status if you need help finding a halal certification. They can tell you if the food is halal or provide information about their sources, preparation methods, and ingredients. 

5. Research Online

A quick online search can also help verify whether a restaurant is Halal. You can check the restaurant’s website or look for reviews from other customers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also be helpful, as restaurants often share information about their sourcing and preparation methods.

Halal Restaurants Finder Apps.

1. Halal Dining Club

Halal Dining Club is a popular halal restaurant finder app with over 90k registered members. It has a list of restaurants worldwide, although its directory is more detailed in cities like Paris, London, New York, Toronto, Birmingham, Manchester, Bangkok, Hong Kong (Kowloon), and Singapore.

    The Halal Dining Club app makes it easy to find certified and partially certified halal restaurants. Also, it offers reviews, book restaurants, loyalty points, build and discover collections. It’s a one-stop shop for all things halal and for the Muslim community. The database increases daily due to its reliable services, and it’s bound to be more valuable as the day passes.

    2. Halal Navi

    Halal Navi is a Japanese-focused app that uses the community to find halal restaurants, menus, and vegetarian statuses. Restaurants are usually listed on the app, and they must have seafood dishes or meat-free meals without alcohol. There are over 80,000 users on the app with different religious standards, and halal dining isn’t an exception.

    The Halal Navi app connects users with the community with reviews and tips. You can also use the app to find mosques, prayer rooms, and halal supermarkets in the area. 

      While visiting Japan, Halal Navi is the most extensive halal finder you’ll find. It’s also extending its services to Thailand, Germany, and South Korea. Also, the app is available on both Android and iOS.

      3. Scan Halal

      Scan Halal is an exceptional halal restaurant finder app that helps to certify a product as Haram or Halal. This app lets you easily see if the products meet Islamic dietary requirements. The scanned Halal database has more than 700,000 products in Canada and the US. Many Muslims use it because of its flexibility and convenience. It’s available on both iOS and Android. Also, the app wants to expand its services to France, Germany, and the UK.

      4. Halal Advisor

        Looking for the best halal restaurant finder apps? Try Halal Advisor. It’s famous in Australia and has over 2,000 restaurants and thousands of downloads. It helps travelers and citizens in Australia find halal takeouts, deliveries, and restaurants within a 50 km radius. The app also has features like ratings, maps, photos, and reviews. It’s available on both iOS and Android.  

        5. Yelp

        Yelp is another halal food finder app that quickly connects you to a restaurant—type “Halal restaurants” in the search bar with your location. You’ll find a list of halal restaurants around your area. The restaurants will include reviews and ratings from other users, which will help you decide on what to eat.

          Bottom Line

          Consuming halal food is part of your obligations as a Muslim. There’s no shortcut to it, so you must find halal restaurants even while traveling. In this section, we’ve explored a few exceptional halal restaurant finder apps you can use and ways to verify whether the restaurants are halal.