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Atlanta is known for its dense forest areas. It’s a suburban part of Southern America that has hospitality, culture and wonderful cuisine interwoven. As a Muslim, you might be wondering if you can find halal cuisines in Atlanta. Don’t worry, there are plenty. This article explores the best halal restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia.

It consists of five restaurants that top our list. You should check them out below and visit to get the best halal dishes that will leave you drooling for more.

Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill

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Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill is a 100% halal restaurant in Atlanta where you can get the best dishes. The Mediterranean dishes include traditional cuisines across countries near the Mediterranean Sea. Their services include outdoor seating, takeout, catering, delivery, reservations, etc. At the same time, their services comprise lunch, desserts, appetizers, etc.

With a 4.4 Google rating, the restaurant has amazing reviews that can compel you to try it. The menu includes dishes like hummus, baba ganoush, fattoush, tabouli, chicken kabob, etc., each available in different sizes: full, half and quarter. The restaurant is located at 2168 Briarcliff Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30329, USA.

Mamoun’s Falafel

Mamoun’s Falafel is one of the best halal restaurants in Atlanta. It’s located around 1269 Northside Drive NW, Suite #720, Atlanta, GA 30318. Mamoun uses halal ingredients to prepare the dishes. The meat is halal, and it’s fresh without any additives. The restaurant has served high-quality Middle Eastern cuisines since its inception in 1971.

The menu includes sandwiches served in pita pockets with tomatoes and lettuce, falafel, chicken kebab, shawarma, etc. Also, they have options like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal.

Karachi Broast & Grill Marietta

With a 4.2 Google rating, Karachi Broast & Grill Marietta is an Indian-Pakistani halal restaurant in Georgia. Located at 1475 Terrell Mill Road SE Ste 110, Marietta, GA 30067, the restaurant serves delicious dishes with fresh and high-quality ingredients. They offer catering services and other dining options. Their menu includes Tandoori Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Tender Platter, House Salad, Goat Biryani, Tandoori Chicken Alfredo, etc.

Aviva by Kameel

Aviva by Kameelis is one of the best halal restaurants in Atlanta. Their recipes have an heirloom background, and they serve mainly halal cooking. Aviva also serves Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and slightly casual Mediterranean dishes. The cuisines consist of amazing spice blends and marinades that give birth to dishes with mouthwatering flavors.

The familiar spread of platters, sandwiches, shawarma, hummus, etc are some of the sumptuous dishes you can get. It’s located around 225 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA and has amazing reviews from previous customers.

Salsa Taqueria & Wings

Salsa Taqueria & Wings is a halal restaurant in Atlanta that serves 100% halal Mexican and Mediterranean. They have a wide variety of dishes ranging from Nachos, gonditas, tamales, burritos, tacos, desserts, etc. It’s located around 3799 Buford Hwy. NE Brookhaven, GA 30329. The restaurant is open 10:00 am – 9:00 pm and has a 4.6 Google rating.

Truva Turkish Kitchen

Looking for halal restaurants in Atlanta? Truva Turkish Kitchen is your best bet! The restaurant is a traditional Turkish-themed area with amazing decor located in downtown Georgia. It has an appealing setting that’s best for business luncheons, dinners, date nights, etc. The launch and dinner menu consists of tantalizing dishes like Turkish rice, kebabs, etc.

It also has a private area for special occasions where you can lounge around and have small get-togethers. They also offer order, takeout and delivery services. It’s located at 8842 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, Ga 30306 and opens at 10:30 am and closes by 10 pm daily.

Frequently asked questions about the best halal restaurants in Atlanta.

  • How can I identify a halal restaurant?

Many Muslims face the dilemma of identifying halal restaurants. Since most don’t have “halal” in their names, it can be hard to recognize. That’s the reason for this article. This article has highlighted some of the best halal restaurants in Atlanta so you know where to go. Also, you can inquire about any restaurant’s cooking and ask if they offer halal options. You can also look for certification from recognizer halal authorities.

  • What makes a restaurant halal?

A restaurant is halal when the method of cooking and the type of ingredients are in accordance with the Islamic dietary principles.

  • Do halal restaurants offer other dietary options?

Yes. Some of the halal restaurants in Atlanta offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes.

  • Do Halal restaurants offer traditional dishes?

Absolutely! Traditional and halal dishes are quite common in halal restaurants, so you can find whatever you need.

  • Can non-muslims eat in a halal restaurant?

Yes. There’s no discrimination about who can eat halal food. Hence, everyone is welcome to eat in any halal restaurant.

Bottom line

Halal restaurants are now rampant in the US. However, you might know they’re halal since some don’t have “halal” in their names. We’ve highlighted a few of the best halal restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurants have traditional appeal and are located in amazing areas. You can check through the article and visit the restaurant that best appeals to you.