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Here is a list of innovative and rapidly growing startups in the U.S market to keep an eye out for! Chances are you might have heard of a couple on this list or even used their products or services! 


USHUB is a Muslim-based streaming service that was founded in 2020 in Los Angeles. The USHUB is on a mission to not just portray but accurately represent the Muslim community through a huge collection of movies, drama series, and documentaries. The streaming service helps uplift the voices of the Muslims that are often silenced. The USHUB library has content with diverse and varied themes and rich stories.

Eagles Fight Club

Eagles Fight Club headquartered in Miami, Abu Dhabi, and Dagestan was founded by Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2017. The UFC fighter who is currently 29 years old started the project to coach and lead students all over the world through content. The Eagle FC is available as an app and online streaming service that allows fans of Khabib Nurmagomedov and the Eagle FC to watch Eagle FC live on any smart device at any time. The subscription is free of cost for now and there is also a chance to win a pair of gloves signed by Khabib Nurmagomedov if users sign up for their newsletter.


Muzz which was formerly known as Muzmatch. Muzz is a Muslim dating app that was launched in 2014 but gained popularity in 2019 when it raised USD 7 million for its rebranding and marketing. The Muslim dating app currently has 3 million members who wish to find their Muslim partner for marriage. Muzmatch is the first global app that helps people find Muslim partners from around the world.

The app allows users to chat and video call for free without having to disclose their phone numbers. Here are several incredible options that make the experience fun and halal such as the Chaperone feature. The Chaperone feature allows you to connect a chaperone or Wali (a friend or relative) in your chat to keep it halal and gives users the peace of mind that your conversation will not steer in a haram direction.

As compared to other dating apps, where one can swipe left or right to meet or not meet a person based on their appearance, Muzz allows users to find serious people who are looking for a halal marriage.

Muzz is helping 500 Muslim couples get married every day. So far Muzz has facilitated 350,000 marriages.

The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys was founded in 1990 by Egyptian chefs Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed. The Halal guys gained popularity nationwide in the last few years and have become one of the fastest growing food chains in New York and the U.S. The Halal Guys is the number one eatery in New York according to Yelp and is number 3 in the U.S.

The Halal Guys are famous for their food carts around New York City that sell freshly cooked chicken, gyro with rice, and pita bread. Critics believe that they are the reason hot dogs’ popularity is declining. The spicy and aromatic food carts are difficult to ignore on New York streets and the taste is irresistible. Halal guys operate more than 100 brick and mortar franchises all over the world. Next time you get hungry, check if there is a Halal Guys near you, you might be in for a surprise!

Productive Muslim 

Productive Muslim is an online masterclass that helps Muslims learn practical and hands-on skills to become better and more productive Muslims. The masterclass is designed to help Muslims living across the globe overcome stress, and anxiety, and learn time management and productivity so they can be their best self. The master class helps Muslims master the three most important elements in their daily life that are time, energy, and focus.

It is a faith-based approach to master productivity. The counselors incorporate Quranic injunctions and Sunnah to help Muslim brothers and sisters move towards their goals in this life and hereafter. The masterclass is taught by counselors who use their 10 years of experience in productivity and peak performance science combined with Islamic knowledge to help Muslims become more productive spiritually, physically, and socially.

Mystic Man Beard Oil

Mystic Man started as a brand that originally sold a blend of oils for beard growth and taming. Beard is one of the most neglected features of a man according to their website, and Mystic Man Beard Oil helps moisturize the dry hair follicles, so they don’t itch, remain smooth, and look flawless. Beard is a Sunnah and those Muslim men who want to keep a beard can use the Mystic Man Beard oil to manage and protect their beards against water that dries out bead hair follicles as well as the ski underneath. Mystic Man has also launched beard shampoos and other products as well as a complete kit


Zileej is a toy brand that was founded in 2016 to help Muslim parents find toys for their kids that helped them learn about their religion, culture, and identity as young Muslims. Zileej is an online shop that sells interactive toys and games from different toy brands that help cement the Islamic faith in young kids.

The idea behind Zillej was simple: making games and toys that help kids learn about Islam. The 5 pillars board game is one such product that helps Muslim children and parents play together as well as learn about the five pillars of Islam in an interactive way. Similarly, the Salam sisters is a line up of 5 different dolls that come with beautiful hijabs. The tiny hijabs can be styled in several ways on the dolls. They also have story books that help the young girls discover their goals, interests, and passions.

Zoya Finance

Zoya Finances is a halal investing app that helps Muslims build a halal investment portfolio from anywhere anytime. The problem with most mainstream investment apps today is that they do not screen out haram investments (stocks, ETFs, bonds, etc.) and Muslims have to be extra cautious when using them. Zoya finance takes the guesswork out because the app provides guidance as to what is halal and why making the investment process smooth and easy. Many Muslims feel left out when it comes to investing in stocks, the Zoya app has carefully curated baskets of halal stocks built around themes that are easy for beginner investors to grasp.

Zoya gives investors the confidence and clarity to build and maintain a Shariah-compliant investment portfolio like no other app we’ve seen. 

Beyond their halal stock screening tool, they are in the process of launching a zero trading commission platform to allow you to buy and sell stocks and ETFs. Sign up for early access here!

The Ummah Shop

The Ummah Shop is an eCommerce store located in King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. King of Prussia mall is just outside Philadelphia and is the second-largest mall in the U.S with more than 450 stores. The Ummah Shop was founded by Sharima Sultan in 2020 when she set up a pop-up event in which she sold different items before Eid-ul-Adha. This inspired her to set up a business that helped Muslim communities in Philadelphia find clothing and accessories, books, home décor, halal snacks, prayer mats, and halal cosmetics all in one place.

Their clothing is designed for Muslim women to provide full body coverage and has a flowy feel that conceals the body shape. The dresses have amazing patterns and styles that Muslim women from all cultures love. They also have a wide variety of colorful hijabs in different materials for every occasion. When Muslim women come to shop and it’s time for prayer, they also have a dedicated prayer room where they can pray.


Tarteel is an artificial intelligence-powered Quran learnings app, the company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded by Anas Abou Allaban, Abdellatif Abdelfattah, Aqeel Mohamad, and Mohamed Moussa. The word Tarteel literally means ‘in the proper order’ or ‘without any hurry’.

Tarteel helps users memorize and understand the Quran by way of coaching. The beautiful and interactive interface provides a great learning experience. There are currently 1.5 million users of Tarteel from more than 150 countries. Tarteel also helps reciters correct their pronunciation through the vibration feature, so whenever the reciter makes a mistake while reciting Quran, the phone vibrates to remind them. 

The Quran translations are available in 112 languages.

Finding a Quranic verse is also very easy with its voice search feature, all you have to do is recite the verse and the AI locates the verse for you. It helps make the recitation of the Quran a part of your routine when you regularly use the app to correct your recitation in real time and memorize the Quran with ground-breaking AI technology. The app charges a minimal monthly or annual fee but a 30-day trial period is free.

The Tarteel Alim program pays for those who want to use Tarteel to learn and correct their recitation but cannot afford the monthly fee to do so. Anyone can donate to the Tarteel Alim program to help someone memorize the Quran as it is a Sadaqah Jariyah.