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It’s that special time of year again – Ramadan! There are  plenty of enjoyable activities for children to get involved with during this holy month. Today’s blog post will explore six ways for kids to have an exciting and meaningful Ramadan. From crafting projects to gatherings and spiritual practices, these are a great way for children to learn, celebrate and make the most out of this spiritual journey. Keep reading to learn all about how you can help your little ones pass the time in a fun yet significant way during Ramadan 2023!

Decorate your home with Ramadan decorations like lanterns and lights

During this holy month of Ramadan, it’s time to get into the festive spirit by decorating your home with beautiful and distinctive lanterns and lights. With the evenings filled with prayer, reflection, and family gatherings, it’s essential to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that truly embodies the essence of this special time. Lanterns not only add an enchanting touch to your indoor and outdoor spaces but also project a sense of tradition and history of Islam. While those twinkling lights will surely brighten up your home, they’ll also serve as a constant reminder of the warmth, hope, and blessings this sacred month brings. So, go ahead and let your creativity shine by decking out your home with Ramadan decorations that will leave everyone feeling a renewed sense of tranquility and joy.

Make a special sweet treats like Knafeh or Halwa

While the holy month of Ramadan is about fasting, praying, and partaking in various acts of worship, it also is a great way to bond with family and loved ones especially at the time of iftar (breaking the fast).  One way to make your Ramadan extra festive is by whipping up a special treat, like knafeh or halwa. Preparing the perfect dessert might include incorporating traditional middle eastern or south east asian spices and flavors to create a mouth-watering experience. This is a great opportunity to have the children help in the making of these desserts giving them an enriching cultural experience they can associate with their faith. 

Have Regular Iftar meals and potlucks with family, friends and your community

Gather up your loved ones and celebrate the conclusion of a day spent in spiritual reflection with an Iftar to remember. This cherished Ramadan tradition brings family and friends together to break their fast at sunset whether at your home or at a local masjid. Picture the joy shared around a table laden with mouth-watering dishes, colorful salads, and sweet treats that not only feed the body but also the soul. As you embrace the spirit of gratitude, shared stories, and the warm company of your guests, relish in the special moments created during these iftars. 

Attend Taraweeh on a regular basis with your children 

By attending Taraweeh prayer, you have the opportunity to earn immense rewards from Allah (SWT). As Muslims, we believe that the rewards for good deeds are multiplied during Ramadan, and attending Taraweeh prayer is one of the most rewarding acts one can perform. It is also important to encourage your young children to attend Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan. By taking your children to the mosque with you, you can help them develop a love for prayer and connect them with their community. 

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever performs Taraweeh prayer with the Imam until he finishes, Allah (SWT) will record for him as if he spent the whole night in prayer.” This hadith shows that attending Taraweeh prayer can bring immense spiritual benefits. By taking your children to Taraweeh prayer, you are providing them with a chance to earn rewards from Allah (SWT) and develop a deeper connection with their faith. As a parent, it is important to create a positive environment for your children to grow and learn about their religion. So, make an effort to take your children with you to Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan and help them build a strong foundation in their faith.

Spend nights in the Masjid (Itikaf) with your Children

Another great way to educate your children and immerse them in the deen during this month of Ramadan is to bring them for overnight activities at the masjid. Nowadays, mosques across the United States have youth specific itikafs that cater to their needs and interests often drawing a balance between learning and while having a fun time. If your local community offers such programs, as a parent this is a great opportunity for your children. If not, perhaps you can pioneer such a program or at the very least take your children on your own. 

By attending Itikaf, kids can disconnect from the distractions of the world and focus solely on their relationship with Allah (SWT). They can immerse themselves in prayer, Quranic recitation, and contemplation, all while surrounded by peers of their own age group of whom they can relate to. It is a chance for them to appreciate their deen and grow to be proud of being a Muslim. 

Set up a prayer corner in your house and invite your kids to pray in Jama’ah (congregation)

Creating a prayer corner in your home can be a wonderful way to foster a family’s spiritual connection and encourage children to embrace the habit of prayer. This special space can be as simple or as creative as you wish, incorporating elements that inspire and bring a sense of peace. Encourage children to personalize the area by adding prayer mats, religious texts, or any other symbolic objects that hold meaning to them. 

Let them know that this dedicated spot is a safe haven for them to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions through prayer. By openly discussing and modeling the importance of prayer in our daily lives, we can help our kids grow in faith and develop a strong foundation for their spiritual journey.

Lastly, teaching children to pray in congregation (Jama’ah) whether at home or at the Masjid is an essential part of their Islamic upbringing. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “The prayer of a person in congregation is more than 27 times greater than a person praying alone.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

By attending congregational prayers from a young age, children can develop a sense of community and brotherhood, and establish a close relationship with Allah. Praying in congregation is a practice that teaches children the importance of unity and encourages them to become active members of their community.


Ramadan is an amazing time of celebration and connection with family, friends, and community. It’s a time to learn more about our collective Islamic values and to share in the joy of the festive season with those around us. From decorating the home with lanterns and lights, to making special treats like knafeh or halwa, Ramadan has so much to offer. Kids can look forward to an exciting Iftar feast, attending itikafs, and setting up a prayer corner in their house to deepen their understanding of faith. All these activities make Ramadan such a wonderful holiday from start to finish!