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Ramadan is a month of mercy, and it brings prosperity to all Muslims. Everyone wishes to get part of the blessings the month holds, so people strive to fast and be better. High school and university students aren’t an exception. But with numerous assignments and lectures, many seem to lose the balance between school and Ramadan. This article will explore how to balance school and Ramadan in 2024.

Ways to Balance School and Ramadan

1. Pray

While thinking about how to balance school and Ramadan in 2024, don’t forget to pray. Remember that it’s the Almighty who has the power to grant your Duas. Tender your worries to Him. Pray that He makes fasting easy for you. Ensure that He gives you the strength to observe Ramadan to the fullest. Do this every moment, and you’ll see that the Almighty will come through. This is a tested and well-proven method, so PRAY.

2. Make use of your mornings.

Ensure that you sleep early after Iftar and wake up early for Qiyam-AL-layl. After Fajr, you should have a higher concentration power since you slept well the night before. But you have to be patient. You might be strict about your timetable and don’t pile too many tasks into the mornings. Distribute your daily tasks throughout the day so you can have time for worship.

3. Set your priorities

Are you worried about how to balance school and Ramadan in 2024? Don’t be! Set your priorities in the order of urgency and importance, and you’ll be fine. Try to understand some lecturers’ schedules and know when they won’t be in the classroom.

Also, you can take on more virtual classes during Ramadan instead of physical classes — if you have the means. Set your priorities when it comes to assignments, too. Look for the assignments that won’t add scores to your GPA and forgo them. Setting your priorities involves removing and adding tasks according to their importance.

4. Try not to procrastinate

Procrastination is dangerous! It’s that fasting can be draining, but you have to push through. When you have an assignment to be submitted the following week, make time to do it before then. With that, you won’t panic or feel pressured when the deadline for the assignments looms. Similarly, procrastination with your tasks can have consequences. Stick to the schedule you have for each day, and don’t procrastinate.

5. Be hydrated

When Ramadan is in the summer, for instance, your dehydration level can get the best of you. You should take more water during Sahur and Iftar to ensure you stay hydrated. You should also avoid foods and fluids that can make you thirsty throughout the day. Tea, for example.

6. Fruits

Fruit is an essential part of your diet as it gives you vital vitamins. It can also boost immunity and provide glucose to reduce studying stress.

Add dry fruits to your diet, as they will fill you up and keep your energy level in place. A good trick is to consume at least three date fruits during Sahur, and it’ll keep you from being thirsty and hungry during the day. Again, this is another tested and trusted method. Make sure to try it. If you’d like to know more about dates and their significance in Ramadan, check here.

Fruits like apples and bananas can also work since they help to retain your concentration and focus while fasting.

7. Sleeping Pattern

How to balance school and Ramadan? Sleep! Sleep is an integral part of life because you have to maintain the balance between school and worship during Ramadan. If you don’t sleep well, you won’t get 100% of your capabilities. You can even lose concentration easily, and it’ll affect you. Try as much as possible to sleep early so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!

8. Reduce your social media presence

You want to balance school and Ramadan in 2024, but you’re on social media every minute? That’s wrong! Ramadan is a month when every minute and second matters. You can have breaks dedicated to social media, but ensure it’s not too much — as it can jeopardize the balance you strive to attain.

Also, reduce your activity on social media at night. When you stay up late on social media, you tend to wake up late or wake up feeling drowsy. So, work on reducing your social media presence during Ramadan.

9. Teamwork

Try to form a group of like-minded people that can help you with schoolwork. Having a group like this will skyrocket your progress in schoolwork. Your group friends can give a run-down of whatever you missed during the lectures and even send assignment reminders. Remember that collaboration works best when you also contribute your quota.

10. Make dhikr (remembrance of Allah) throughout the day)

Remember that the essence of Ramadan is to seek the forgiveness of Allah(SWT) and worship Him. Don’t let school take this away from you, especially if you live in non-Muslim majority countries where special attention isn’t given to students fasting. So, keep your ear pods in, listen to the Quran, make dhikr as you go to lectures, and try to keep up with your schedule.

Bottom line

How to balance school and Ramadan in 2024 is a dilemma faced by all students. You get that fear of, “Oh my God, I’m even stressed without Ramadan; what will happen during Ramadan?” Don’t fret, as this article has solved your dilemma. These tips will help you navigate schooling during Ramadan. You can achieve balance if you stick to these tips. May the Almighty guide us right.