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Marriage in Islam is more than having someone to bestow the husband/wife title. The marital relationship is a blessing and a divine sign from the Almighty. The primary purpose of having a spouse is to find peace and home in them. As the Quran says in different instances, you find a sense of calmness in your other half in good and bad times.

But if you’re wondering how to become the perfect Muslim couple with your spouse, we’ve covered it in this article. According to the Islamic teachings, here are a few habits of the perfect halal couple that can elongate the lifespan of your marriage.

1. Love for Allah’s Sake

Loving one another for Allah’s Sake means making the love and submission of the Almighty the rock of the relationship. It means you love your spouse to the extent that you want to unite with them hereafter.

Loving each other for Allah’s Sake is one of the habits of the perfect Muslim couple. This is because there’s always a reward for any action you take for the sake of Allah.

Also, it can mean that looking at your spouse reminds you of Allah and his greatness. Even if they don’t remind you of Him, as long as they’re the best characters and encourage you to do better in every way possible, they’re the best spouse.

2. Being grateful for one another

One of the habits of the perfect couple is the enthusiasm that erupts when they’re in each other’s presence. The thought of your spouse makes you grateful to the Almighty for giving you the best other half. When you’re relevant and appreciated in your relationship, you tend to feel thankful towards the other person.

Being grateful to one another should not be a fleeting virtue. It should stay within a few years of marriage. Even when it’s a duty, show appreciation and let your spouse feel good about the action.

Your spouse is an immense blessing of Allah, and they’re an indispensable source of emotional, spiritual and physical comfort. The perfect Muslim couples are always happy because they appreciate each other’s effort and strive to do more.

3. Communicate like best of friends.

Many couples make the mistake of having numerous best friends outside their marriage. However, their spouse remains their spouse. No! It shouldn’t be like that. The habit of a perfect Muslim couple requires you to communicate like best of friends.

Share your wins, losses, worries, and conflicts with your spouse. Be vulnerable around them and discuss even your deepest concerns. With the right spouse, you’ll find out that communication is vital. It’ll go a long way in building your marriage and help to alleviate marital stress.

4. They make time for each other.

The perfect Muslim couple will make time for each other no matter how busy they are. Your relationship needs special attention every day to build the right future. When you spend quality time together, you go on a journey of self-discovery together. It helps you to plan out the right home and how you want it to be.

5. Respect and loyalty

As a Muslim couple, the first thing you can do to be a good wife or husband is to give your spouse loyalty and respect. The husbands want the wives’ respect in the house, since they’re the breadwinners. But it goes both ways, and this is a habit of the perfect Muslim couple.

6. Maturity

Successful Muslim couples are mature. They understand their spouse easily and overlook the unnecessary stuff. Also, this set of couples don’t nag excessively and point out the wrongs gently. 

7. Listen to one another.

We all need someone to talk to, and who’s a better person if not your spouse? Men especially love to talk to someone who cares about their feelings. So, listening to your spouse talk about his conflicts and desires is more therapeutic than paying a therapist – which is a good idea. However, if you can save the funds paid to a therapist by calming down to listen to your spouse, why not?

8. Nag gently

Muslim couples are successful when both parties don’t nag too much. No matter how much you love your spouse, you’ll still get angry at them. It’s normal. However, learn to control your anger and nag gently. If you nag too much, it can lead to marriage problems. 

9. Control your anger

Your husband left the toilet open, and you started shouting in the middle of the night? No! You’ll get angry, but learn to keep it in check. Don’t allow your spouse to bear the brunt of your temper.

10. Never transfer aggression

The last habit of the perfect Muslim couple is that you should never transfer aggression. Transferring aggression can stem from the inability to communicate better with your spouse. It can lead to your spouse blaming their selves for something they didn’t do. So, try not to transfer aggression and communicate better.

Bottom line

Marriage is an essential aspect of Islam. But many people suffer from marriage issues due to one reason or the other. This article has highlighted ten ways to be the perfect Muslim couple. It contains different tips on caring for your spouse and keeping your marriage intact.