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As a Muslim parent, you’ll understand the need to raise your kids in an Islamic way. There are excellent religious benefits that you stand to reap when your kids are on the path of Islam. Raising your kids in an Islamic way and teaching them the straight path is one of the primary responsibilities of Muslim parents.

It can even be challenging in this present age when there are several changes in the environment. So, we’ll explore different tips on how to instill Islamic Values in Children.

1. Strong Foundation

It’s necessary to lay a solid Islamic foundation to raise your kids successfully. Setting a strong Islamic foundation will require you to uphold Islam in every way possible. Your lifestyle must be halal. You have to teach your kids how to live and behave right from a tender age. Teach them the principles of the Quran and help them grow to know Allah (SWT).

Instilling good morals in your kids is a good way of setting them on the path of Islam. It’ll go a long way in shaping their way of thinking and personalities in the long run. Also, you must plant Allah’s love in your kids as they grow to make the right decisions according to Islamic beliefs.

Besides, children learn what they see you doing. So, if you adhere to the Islamic lifestyle, it’ll be easy to raise your kids like that.

2. Take your kids to the mosque.

There’s this impregnable solace that’s always found at the Masjid. One of the best places to practice Islam is the mosque. When you take your kids to the mosque, you’re instilling Islamic Values in them.

It shows that you believe in Allah (SWT) and that you worship Him every time. Taking your kids to the mosque will expose them more to Islamic traditions, and they will appreciate the significance of being there. 

Going to the mosque with your kids can also help you teach them how to pray and the significance of praying at the mosque. Likewise, you must teach them to respect the house of Allah and to maintain silence. The mosque must be an integral part of their upbringing, and that’s how to Instill Islamic values in children.

3. Pray together in a congregation.

In situations where you can’t go to the mosque to pray, make sure to pray with your kids in a congregation. Allah (SWT) loves congregational prayers, and they have more rewards than individual prayers. So, explain this to your kids and encourage praying with them. Solah is one of the pillars of Islam, and it’s essential to all devoted Muslims.

Observe Solah with your kids to instill the habit, and they will understand its significance. You can even drive the point home better if you have a section of your house for praying.

4. Speak about Allah to them.

Kids must accept and appreciate Allah’s wisdom and plans to trust Him and His decisions. Tell them that our brilliance is nothing compared to Allah’s knowledge. Teach them about Allah’s virtues and His beautiful names.

Explain to them that Allah is the best planner, and He will answer their Dua when it’s best for them. You must also explain that there are consequences for disobeying Allah and His commandments.

5. Teach them consistency

Focus on teaching your kids consistent acts of Ibadan from a young age. Kids will imitate what they see, so get started before they’re of the obligatory age. Teach them the Tasleem, how to perform ablution, Wudhu, Salah, how to be compassionate, to fast, to read the Quran, etc, and ensure they’re consistent in these acts of worship.

6. Encourage them to stay on the path of Islam.

How to instill Islamic values in children? Keep encouraging them. It’s very easy for your kids to succumb to peer pressure either from school or the community. Hence, you must teach your kids about the flexibility of Islam and encourage them to strive to stay on the path of Islam. It’s pretty standard to see parents converting from Islam to another, or they stop performing the acts of Ibadan. However, if you teach your kids to stay on the path of Islam, they can renew your Iman in the near future.

7.Be gentle

You must explain the concept of Islam gently to them. Also, you shouldn’t get angry at them for the slightest mistake, and you should be patient when you teach. This is for them to learn to with gentleness and love.

8.Marry the right partner.

Choosing the right partner is another way of instilling Islamic Values in your kids. It helps them to sync with both parents, and there won’t be any ounce of religious apathy. Also, ensure you and your partner are on the same level as Iman, and if you still need to, you’re striving to do more on the path of Islam.

9.Pray to Allah about them.

Allah is the ultimate guide, and you can pray that He will guide your kids to the right path. Pray to Him to make your kids’ hearts firm on the path of Islam. You should also add that He gives them the patience to perform all the Islamic acts of worship perfectly.

10. Be their comfort zone

Develop the bond between you and your kids so that they can come to you when they face any challenges. And, of course, you’ll explain to them what it means to believe in Allah and trust his ways. Hence, when you are in your kids’ comfort zone, you can teach them to tackle their problems in the Islamic way.

Bottom line

Instilling Islamic Values in Children is a prerequisite for every Muslim parent. It’s a type of Sadaqah called Sadaqah Jariyah, and you’ll keep earning the reward when your kids practice what you teach them in Islam. Hence, we’ve explored a few tips in this article on how to instill Islamic values in children. You can check through and leave your comments below!