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Marital conflict is unavoidable, as people can’t be close emotionally without indifference. It’s capable of destroying a marriage and leaving them in a pool of divorce. Individually, marital conflict might lead to maturation and foster a sense of reality. However, many couples don’t understand that conflict doesn’t drive them. Choosing to be furious is a result of your emotions. So, let’s see how you can approach conflict in Islamic marriages.

1. Know the real issue.

How to approach marital conflict in Islamic marriages? Know the real issue! Arguments ensue when your partner’s needs and wants aren’t met. So, try to understand the matter. If you’ve been doing everything wrong, your spouse has to tell you so you can make amends. Having open communication about these matters will help you resolve marriage conflicts quickly.

2. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

There are several instances when you focus on how you feel and use it to act. However, you don’t think about what your actions are causing your partner. In fact, you can even be frustrated at something else, but take it out on your partner because you’re hurt at that moment. Moreover, you’re indirectly hurting your spouse too. So, before you act out, think about what will happen if your spouse does the same thing to you. Will you be happy?

3. Make compromises

You have to compromise at some point in your relationship. It’s one of the best ways to resolve marital conflict. Finding a balance ground should be your utmost priority, as that will satisfy you both.

4. Dua

    Marriage is never a bed of roses, just like life. The Almighty ordained it, and He will help you keep your marriage. As stated above, marital conflicts are perfectly normal, but when corrective measures aren’t working, turn to Allah (SWT). Pour your heart into Him and tell him everything you desire about the marriage. Simultaneously, believe that the Almighty will answer your Dua.

    5. Family intervention

     Actually, it’s not advisable to report your spouse to the family every single time. You’re adults, and you’re in a relationship; it’s time to put on big pants and take responsibility for resolving your marital conflicts.

    But all hope seems lost; there is a need for family intervention. You can also seek the help of marriage counselors, scholars, and elders who can help you resolve your differences.  Only reach out to those who will genuinely help you and not those who will shift blame because they might intensify the conflict.

    6. Admonition

      Admonitions are gentle, and they’re meant to restore love and compassion. Looking to restore marital conflict in Islamic marriages, use Admonition. Either the husband or the wife can use this and remind each other of one of their actions. Reminders soften the human heart, mainly when they include the fear of Allah and the punishment for acting.

      7. Don’t give up

      Women especially like it when you don’t give up on trying to resolve the conflict. It’s not easy, especially when she’s not budging, but try to communicate with her and resolve the issue.

      7. Please your spouse

         To resolve marital conflicts, do things that will please your spouse. You obviously know your spouse, and they will understand that you’re trying to resolve the matter when you please them. So, engage in activities they love and try to persuade them to participate so you can solve your difficulties.

        Final Thoughts

        Being in a relationship means you have two people’s emotions to cater for. Differences will ensue, so it’s essential to learn how to resolve marital conflicts in Islamic marriages. We’ve highlighted eight different ways above. You can use any or all of them to restore your happy home.