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Muslims are obliged to earn halal income without engaging in Haram activities. It’s easy to start a halal business that will get you closer to Allah(SWT). There are various options to choose from, and you can get clarity on how to start. Is your issue how to start a halal business in the US? Don’t fret!

We’ll explore a step-by-step guide on how to start your halal business and also give a few options you can go for. Remember that the possibilities for a halal business are almost endless. As it is, the American Muslim population keeps increasing, thereby increasing demand for halal goods and services.

Tips on How to Start a Halal Business in the US

1. Understand your niche

Understanding your niche and the market is an essential step for starting a halal business in the US. You can delve into various halal sectors related to what you can do. Analyze the trends and understand what your target audience needs. You should also have a Unique Selling Point(USP) that sets you apart from competitors.

2. Build a business plan.

The next thing after identifying your niche is to build a solid business foundation. It includes sharpening your business plan, outlining the mission, target projection, and risk management. 

3. Secure the funding

When you have a solid business plan, securing funds should be accessible. You can meet families and friends or approach investors. You can also explore crowdfunding, angel investors and halal financial institutions to seek funding and sponsorship.

4. Ethical sourcing

After securing funds to kick-start your halal business, you should proceed to get ethical and halal materials for your production. It would help if you also forged partnerships with different halal-certified suppliers so your products can follow the halal principles.

5. Marketing

You can market your halal products using social media platforms, search engine optimization, and target online advertising. You can quickly build a strong brand identity that will resonate with your values and Muslim customers. 

6. Participate in halal trade fairs.

One of the best ways to make your Halal business known is to get out there. So, when you catch a whiff of any halal trade fair going on, sign up and attend to network with potential customers and partners. You can showcase your products and gain precious insights.

7. Build a team

The key to a successful halal business is having a committed and success-driven team. You can handpick a set of people who are determined to see your business grow. Create a team around these people and work with them diligently to contribute to the increasing halal products’ demand in the US.

8. Train your employee

Ensure your employees understand the rudiments of halal principles and their significance in your business. Invest in training your employees so they can do a good job.

9. Explore emerging technologies

Consider integrating emerging technologies like the blockchain and AI into your business to solve your audiences’ problems.

10. Build connection

Engage with the Muslim communities around you and build connections around the mosques, halal organizations and influencers. Making connections will increase your Brand’s visibility, thereby increasing sales.

Top Halal Business Ideas to Try in the US

1. Develop Mobile Apps.

There’s an increasing demand for halal apps that can cater to the needs of Muslims. Your app can be about where to get halal food, where to get halal meat, Prayer times for iOS and Android, etc.

2. Video Marketing

There are different halal topics that you can create video content for. You can choose from topics like Halal finances, halal relationships, body care, hair care, etc. Fortunately, there are different platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that you can use to create halal videos.

3. Store for modest wears

Another halal business you can start in the US is creating a store for modest wear. There’s an increasing demand for modest wear by Muslims and non-Muslims. Hence, you can use this to your advantage.

4. Event planning

You can organize events for the Muslim community focusing on halal standards. The events can include weddings, corporate affairs, baby showers, etc.

5. Virtual assistant agency

Another business you can start in the US is having an agency focused on providing virtual assistant services. Your task will include providing technical assistance remotely and other demands.

6. Quran classes

Offer Quran classes to young and old Muslims. You can either go for physical classes or online — depending on where your audience is.

7. Halal affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing includes promoting and recommending products to people to get paid a commission. You can connect with prominent organizations in your niche, sell their products and earn your commission.

8. Social media management

If you’re tech-savvy and can use social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. very well, you can sign up to manage a company’s social media pages. 

9. Graphics and logo designing

You can take a course on these skills and dedicate about 3–6 months to learning thoroughly. Then, you can start designing graphics and logs for brands.

10. Digital courses

Do you know a skill that you feel a little percentage is teaching? Create a digital course around the skill and sell it to people who would love to learn.

Bottom line

“How to start a halal business in the US?” is a common question for Muslims looking to offer halal services. It can be challenging if you need help knowing where to start or who to turn to. But, you can turn to us. We’ve explored a few tips on starting your halal business in the US and given a few halal business ideas you might want to try.