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Muslims worldwide patiently await the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan. It’s a celebration and a means of upholding one of the pillars of Islam, which is Ramadan. Even though the fasting hours differ around the world, it’s still from dawn to dusk.

Thus, Muslims fasting can’t eat or drink or have husband and wife intimacy as long as the sun hasn’t set. Since there are Muslims in different countries, there’s a need to know the Ramadan Iftar times around the world. Let’s check out a few countries.

When is Ramadan 2024?

Although the arrival of Ramadan has to do with the moon sighting, there’s still a proposed date. The religious authorities always determine the exact date observing the sightings of the moon.

For 2024, Ramadan is predicted to start on 11 March 2024. But the dates can differ according to the different countries, maybe by a day or a few hours.

Average Ramadan Iftar Times 2024

Ramadan Iftar times are different across each country. The iftar times are dependent on your location. On average, Muslims fast for 13 hours daily. So, you can use a few Athan Apps to calculate when the iftar time will fall in your country. Here are the average fasting hours for some countries.

Middle East

A few countries in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc., fast for about 14 to 15 hours. Although, there are some countries in the Middle East where the fasting hours are shorter. Fasting in these countries might take a physical toll on you due to the intense heat. But remember that it’s all for the sake of Allah.

North & South America

Muslims living in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and other South American countries fast between 11 and 13 hours, depending on the exact location. As you can see, the fasting hours here are different from those in the Middle East, so the Iftar times for Ramadan 2024 will definitely differ. However, Muslims in North America have to fast for longer hours — about 15 to 16 hours, including the US and Canada.

Southeast Asia

Muslims living in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc., had an average fasting time of about 12 to 14 hours. Surprisingly, it’s shorter than the countries in the northern region.


The people residing in countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, etc, fast for 15 to 16 hours, while those in countries like Switzerland and France fast for close to 16 to 17 hours.


Most countries in Africa have an average fasting time of 13 to 14 hours, which also varies according to the location. Hence, there is a variation in the Ramadan Iftar times. But South Africa is an exception. It possesses an average fasting time of 11 hours daily, which is different from other countries.

Countries with Short Ramadan Fasting Hours

  • South Africa- 11 to 12 hours
  • Brazil- 12 to 13 hours
  • Zimbabwe- 12 to 13 hours
  • Argentina- 12 hours
  • New Zealand- 12 hours
  • Paraguay- 11 to 12 hours
  • Uruguay – 11 to 12 hours
  • Chile – 11 to 12 hours

Places with Long fasting hours

  • Nuuk, Greenland – 18 hours, 12 minutes
  • Glasglow, Scotland- 17 hours
  • Reykjavik Iceland- 18 hours
  • London, UK – 15–16 hours
  • Paris, France -15 hours, 54 minutes
  • Ottawa, Canada- 15 hours, 12 minutes

Bottom Line

Iftar times 2024 depend on the weather changes of an exact location. The average fasting hours around the world are within 11 to 16 hours. Hence, iftar times are calculated based on these periods. Also, it’s easy to know the iftar time in your area using Athan Apps.