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Community is a thread that holds us together in purpose and spirit. It’s a form of unity that can be found in engaging with different acts of worship. The bond helps to enrich the experience and becomes a strong support system. Allah (SWT) highlights the importance of community in the Quran. So, in this post, we’ll explore some of the importance of community engagement in Islam.

When you engage with the Quran, for example, as a community, you’re participating in a journey of enlightenment with your brothers and sisters. Each verse is reflected upon; you help those lagging, you encourage the Muslims who can’t read perfectly, altogether amassing regards from Allah (SWT).

This journey bestows a sense of encouragement and belonging, which are essential for motivation in studying the Quran.

In the Quran, Allah (SWT) highlights the importance of community: “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided…” (Quran 3:103).  

1. Collective Recitation

Reciting the Quran in a group serves as a great reminder of the Quran’s communal call. Each of the verses recited strengthens personal faith and unity among your community. Coming together to learn will create an inspiring and uplifting effect that will help your Quranic journey.

2. Support System

Going through Quran Recitation and memorization alone can be daunting. But the help of a community can help you navigate the murky waters easily. Your community will become your support system and offer guidance and encouragement and take you through it.

A community consists of different people with diverse opinions, so you’ll have various insights at your disposal. Choose the ones that work best for you and ask reasonable questions that will properly your studies.

3. Remembrance

In a world filled with numerous distractions, maintaining engagement with your Quran can be tasking. But your communities can create the habit of remembrance of Allah which will serve as part of your daily life.

Social gatherings focused on Islamic studies will serve as your remembrance and keep you on the straight path. With this, you can easily integrate the Quranic teachings into your daily lives and emulate the Prophets.

4. Rewards

One of the importance of community engagement in Islam is that it’s a means of amassing rewards from Allah (SWT). A good example is observing prayers in a congregation. The reward you get for observing Solah in congregation is more than that of praying individually.

Praying in congregation is one of the first steps to engaging yourself in a community.  Another example is performing Sadaqah together. When your community encourages you to perform an act of worship, you’re getting more rewards from the Almighty.

5. Prevents Loneliness

Loneliness is a plague that’s rapidly infiltrating different homes today. It changes your thoughts and increases stress levels, which can affect overall health and well-being. It’s very easy to find yourself disconnected from everyone, but the power of an Islamic community will revive you.

Having a community means you have people who will check up on you, even when you’re not feeling like yourself. These people will pray for you and render all the support they can. Communities help to dispel loneliness and give you a sense of belonging.

6. Responsibility

Islam promotes mutual responsibility in a community. Muslims are urged to participate actively in the welfare of their brother and sisters, especially those in need. Hence, while you’re in a community, the concept of mutual responsibility will help you develop a sense of this virtue. You’ll learn how to take responsibility, and it’ll make you a better person. 

7. Expanding Support Networks

Islam encourages collaboration between different Islamic bodies. Mosques and Islamic centers can come together, and you’ll get to expand your support network. Easily, you can build relations and provide support to others. These networks can offer mentorships, socializing, opportunities and sharing knowledge. They play an important role in providing a system for individuals seeking guidance or facing hardships.

Final Thoughts

In short, Islam teaches a believer to maintain a personal connection with Allah and interpersonal relationships with other Muslims. It’s your responsibility to engage in your community as a Muslim. We’ve explored a few of the importance of community engagement in Islam. Please check through and let us know if you have more ideas in the comment section.