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Muslims who plan to buy a house through Islamic Mortgage can use Islamic Mortgage Calculators to calculate mortgage payments. If you are planning to buy a house, you must check how much loan you can afford to take.

Homebuyers often end up taking too many loans and buying a bigger house than they need. To avoid such problems in the future, it is necessary to do some calculations beforehand. Here is our list of best mortgage calculators that you can use:

1. Al Rayan Calculator

Al Rayan Bank produced two calculators that allow homebuyers to calculate their monthly payments if they buy their house through the bank. Here is how they work:

Home Purchase Plan

The home purchase plan HPP calculator lets you calculate your monthly payments based on the amount you want to loan and the number of repayment years. Al Rayan Bank offers HPP loan amounts between £200,000 to £1500,000 for up to 35 years.

If you plan to purchase your new house or refinance your old house through Al Rayan Bank, the HPP calculator will give you a close estimation of how much you will pay every month for the term of the HPP.

Buy-to-Let Purchase Plan

The Buy-to-Let Purchase Plan Calculator on Al Rayan Bank’s website calculates the monthly debt payments automatically for homebuyers. To consider your Buy-to-Let Purchase Plan options with Al Rayan Bank, simply enter the amount that you want to loan in the finance amount section.

You can try calculating your monthly payments using multiple amounts to get an idea of how much you can afford to pay each month and what amount you should loan. If you feel Al Rayan Bank’s Buy-to-Let Purchase Plan is for you, you can continue to the application form directly from the calculator.

2. Gatehouse Bank

The Gatehouse Bank offers Shariah-compliant mortgages to UK residents. There are two types of calculators available on their website:

How much finance can I have?

It is a detailed calculator that takes your and the second applicant’s income and debt details. The calculated amount is almost the highest level of debt Gatehouse Bank will offer you after your application. However, if your credit score is poor or extremely good, you’ll be offered a much different amount.

How much will it cost me? 

This calculator lets you calculate your monthly mortgage payments. Gatehouse Bank offers both Buy-to-Let Mortgages and regular home purchase plans. You can calculate the rent payments and, rent and acquisition payments you will pay on the amount of debt that you are taking.

3. Ijara Community Development Corp

The Ijara Community Development Corp is a Miami-based Islamic lender. The Ijara CDC calculator lets you calculate the monthly mortgage payments you’ll make to the Ijara CDC as well as check the annual profit rate that you’ll be paying them. But prequalified calculations are not binding and your actual monthly payments.

4. Shine Islamic Mortgage Calculator

Shine Islamic Mortgage is a lender providing Shariah-compliant mortgage loans in Manchester, UK. Using the Shine Islamic Mortgage Calculator, you can calculate your optimal deal that suits your financing needs.

Shine Islamic Mortgage is a perfect choice for you if you are looking to buy a house in Manchester and want to make an informed purchase. They educate the buyers about the entire process, fees, and much more before they begin working with them.

5. Guidance Residential Estimation Calculator

Guidance Residential is a riba-free mortgage provider in Reston, Virginia. Their Guidance Mortgage Calculator provides an estimation of how much you will be paying every month after getting a loan from Guidance Residential.

Calculating your monthly mortgage payment on a Guidance Residential Estimation does not require a credit check and only takes 5 to 10 minutes. If you are comparing several options, this can be a great way to check several options without hurting your credit score.

6. American Finance House LARIBA

American Finance House Lariba provides mortgages in California. The LARIBA finance model follows the Islamic finance model of Musharkah. In a Musharkah agreement, LARIBA and the homebuyer jointly purchase the house.

LARIBA acts as the homebuyer’s agent (wakeel) to negotiate the property’s price and purchase the property on the behalf of the homebuyer. LARIBA has the following home purchase, and loan calculators:

Payment / Amortization Calculator

It calculates the total principal and monthly payments to give you an idea of how you’ll pay off your loan.

Rent vs Own Calculator

This calculator helps you see how your payments will differ if you rent a house or buy a house.

Annual Percentage Rate Calculator

The annual percentage rate calculator lets you calculate APR for adjustable and fixed-rate mortgages.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

The Debt Consolidation Calculator helps you determine how you can combine your mortgage debt with another loan.

Prepayment Savings Calculator

The Prepayment Savings Calculator lets you calculate how you can pay off your mortgage early.

Early Payoff Calculator

The Early Payoff Calculator helps you calculate how much you need to pay monthly to amortize your loan sooner.

Refinance Break-Even Point Calculator

The Refinance Break-Even Point Calculator helps you find out when you will reach break-even on your refinanced loan.

Tax Savings Calculator

The Tax Savings Calculator helps you estimate how much you can save on taxes when taking a new loan.

7. Dubai Islamic Bank Mortgage Calculator

Dubai Islamic Bank offers Shariah-compliant mortgages and many other types of loans. Every product offered by Dubai Islamic Bank is reviewed and approved by the Bank’s Shariah Board. Dubai Islamic Bank Mortgage Calculator can be used to calculate the monthly payments based on the principle that you are willing to loan for a home purchase.

The bank makes the entire process simple and easy to understand for homebuyers. Dubai Islamic Bank also follows the highest standards of integrity when communicating to homebuyers about a home purchase. Their agents are very helpful and engaging to talk to.

If you would like to purchase your house through Dubai Islamic Bank, you can use their calculator to calculate your mortgage payments beforehand.

8. Manzil Mortgage Calculator

Manzil is a Shariah-compliant lender headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The mortgage products offered by Manzil adhere to the AAOIFI standards. Manzil is the first member of AAOIFI that is providing Musharka and Murabaha financing to Muslim homebuyers.

The Islamic Mortgage Calculators available on Manzil’s website are of two types:

  • Musharka Mortgage Calculator
  • Murabaha Mortgage Calculator

The website also contains a detailed comparison of both mortgage options so you can select the one that best suits you. Manzil mortgage products and contracts are also reviewed by Mufti Ebrahim Desai. Mufti Ebrahim Desai is also of the view that Manzil is the first truly halal mortgage provider.

9. Devon Bank Mortgage Calculator

Devon Bank is a conventional bank providing conventional and Shariah-compliant mortgages in more than 30 US states. Devon Bank’s mortgage calculator lets you calculate how much you will be paying monthly on your mortgage if you increase or decrease your principal loan amount.

Devon Bank is one of the most trusted banks in the Islamic lending space. The bank started offering loans in 2003 for home purchases and refinancing conventional loans.

The banking specialists at Devon Bank help you at each step when you are planning to buy your own house. Not only are the products Shariah-compliant but they also educate the homebuyers about the process. Devon bank follows the Shariah model of Murabaha where the bank purchases the property for you and sells it to you at a profit on several specified installments.

10. MCCA Islamic Mortgage Calculator

MCCA Islamic Home Finance is Australia’s Islamic finance leader since 1989. The MCCA Islamic Mortgage Calculator is very easy to use, and anyone can calculate mortgage payments within a few minutes.

If you are living in Australia, MCCA is one of the best options for buying your own house through Islamic financing. MCCA has helped more than 6,500 Muslims in the past 30 years to purchase their own house.


There are several Islamic mortgage calculators that you can use to calculate your mortgage payments. You can compare mortgage options in your area and choose the one that offers optimum finance with least cost. 

How much mortgage you can get and the cost of financing are important elements to consider when comparing your Islamic home loan options. If you want to take a completely Shariah-compliant loan, make sure that the Islamic mortgage lender you choose to work with is 100% Shariah-compliant by doing your homework.