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The natural environment is one of the blessings Allah (SWT) bestowed upon humanity. It stands out and shows that the environment embodies the human word. However, it’s sad that the environment is suffering due to man’s daily activities. What is the Islamic view about environmental Sustainability?

Are Muslims supposed to watch while the ozone layer is depleted and future generations suffer from intense climate change? No. Hence, in this post, we’ll explore the Islamic view of environmental Sustainability and the role of Muslims.

Islamic view on Environmental Sustainability

The basis of Islamic teaching on environmental Sustainability is seen in the concept of Tawheed (Monotheism). The environment is a natural resource with unique qualities that meet human needs. A responsible Muslim must be aware of the principles that form the foundation of the Islamic stance on the environment. The principles are Tawheed, stewardship (man), responsibility, balance, and justice. Thus, the preservation and conservation of the environment must be based on the principles of balance and justice.

‘The world is sweet and green (alluring), and verily Allah will install you as vicegerent to see how you act.’ Sahih Muslim 2742 Book 49, Hadith 12.

Role of Muslims in Environmental Sustainability

Since Muslims are the custodians of the environment, there’s no doubt that you need to respect and take care of the environment to keep the Earth safe for future generations. With this, there’s a deep connection between man’s faith and the Earth. Hence, environmental sustainability is a sacred responsibility.

Here are a few ways to fulfil your Muslim roles in environmental sustainability.

1. Prevent wastage

Man should prevent wastage and unnecessary exploitation of all the resources in the environment. Since man is the Steward of the environment, it’s your responsibility to know that you don’t own or possess the environment. So, each use must be balanced and justified 

2. Enlighten other Muslims

Are you a Muslim who has discovered environmental sustainability? Invite other Muslims to do good work and amass rewards from Allah (SWT). It’s a great way to save the environment from harmful activities because the more people are enlightened, the better.

3. Participate in environmental Sustainability protests.

    Whether you believe it or not, other people are involved in making the environment sustainable. Whenever you see a peaceful protest for this cause, you should join to render support and pray to Allah (SWT) that many people see the damage their activities are causing the Earth.

    4. Set up an environmental sustainability community.

    To contribute to your quota, you can set up an environmental community with like-minded people in your community. You can start small by organizing clean-ups and enlightenment on keeping the environment intact. Also, include how deforestation can affect the scenery and lead to the establishment of functional and aesthetically pleasing trees.

    5. Remember that you must protect the environment.

      The Almighty has saddled us with the responsibility of protecting the environment. Even though actions like proper trash disposal and cleanliness may be considered trivial, they’re still part of it. Also, you can include recycling, reusing and reducing as a watchword for being the best Muslim environmentalist.

      Final Thoughts

      All contributions towards sustaining the environment go a long way in Islam. It’s a way of caring for natural resources that Allah made you the boss of. So, in this article, we explored the Islamic view on environmental sustainability and the roles of Muslims in this cause.