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Key Takeaways

  • Morocco and Turkey are a mixture of culture, history, and civilization.
  • Both countries have numerous monuments and beautiful structures that are worth seeing.
  • Turkey and Morocco can be called Linking countries—Morocco lies close to the Spanish shore, while Turkey is at a crossroads between Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Both countries embody adventures and stunning sceneries while depicting Islamic civilization.

Morocco and Turkey are beautiful countries with several similarities. Choosing between both can be an excellent task. They have a high percentage of Muslims and have roots in Islamic history. Meanwhile, they’re also beautiful, with amazing people and experiences. 

Which country should you visit if you’re to pick between both? Fortunately, we’ve made it easy with our research. It should guide you to the best country you should visit. Our criteria used to examine the countries include food, accommodation, Market, etc., but Turkey and Morocco are worth visiting no matter the outcome!


Morocco vs. Turkey? One great thing about traveling to Morocco or Turkey is the food. You’ll find halal food everywhere prepared as local cuisines. The taste will even have you drooling for more.


Morocco has a diverse section of local dishes. Their dishes have been refined globally; you might find a little here and there. But how do you think it’ll feel when you go to the center of these delicious delicacies? The unique tastes and varieties of ingredients you may never expect will amaze you. 

Moreover, Morocco’s weather allows the people to grow different fruits and veggies, which become the spices in their famous dishes. The local food is exceptionally irresistible; to get the best, visit the smaller villages. Likewise, the food is pretty affordable, and you’ll marvel at the quality you’ll get for the price.


Similar to Morocco, Turkey’s dishes are born from different cultures. Due to the cultural differences in Turkey, you’ll realize that the dishes change as you visit localities. For instance, Adana and Urfa are well-known for Kebabs and mezes. The Mediterranean area is famous for fish, herbs, and veggie dishes.

Consequently, Turkey is renowned for preparing the best desserts. Some include baklava and halva, which you should take advantage of whenever you visit. 

Winner: Turkey—the diversity in dishes is the reason. 

Tourist Attractions and Historical Places


Morocco is a kingdom of culture and history. Its monuments are well maintained for tourist entertainment. The sites and objects of art are likewise protected and promoted. Unlike some other countries, much of Morocco’s cultural heritage exists today, and you’ll find several stunning mosques, museums, landscapes, and even the oldest university in the world in this Kingdom.

 However, one thing that stands out among these monuments is their interior decor. They consist of different and intrinsic architectural designs that will surprise you. 


Compared to Morocco, there are thousands of tourist centers and historical places in Turkey. Some people name it the place of civilization’s birth. Various empires and tourist centers have shaped Turkey, and you’ll see people striving to feed their eyes on the beauty of this country.

It also houses monuments like the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorus River, Hagia Sophia, etc.

Winner: Turkey – houses more unique places and historical sites than Morocco.



While traveling to Morocco, you should know that the accommodation there is quite affordable. You can quickly get various hotels where you’ll have the best experience. Also, there are beach huts in the Kingdom where you can lodge if you want something different from the contemporary. 

You can even go camping in the country. Moreover, the government is known for having Riads across its cities. Riads are houses constructed around lush and green patios. You’ll find Riads everywhere—it’s a great place to lodge, meet others, share food, and create strong relationships while in the country. 


Turkey is known to be the abode of civilization, so the accommodation is top-notch. It offers various accommodations that will suit your budget and taste. You’ll find hotels and hostels where you can stay during your time in Turkey.

The tiny guest houses are usually cozy and peaceful, with gardens to soak in nature and relax. Other forms of accommodation include tree houses where you can stay during camping and trekkers lodges.

Winner: Morocco



Morocco has local markets they call Souks around the Kingdom. The Souks are a historic part of the country, and the ones in Fes and Marrakech are beautiful and boisterous. The spices and perfume sales in the Market fill your senses as you find wares ranging from carpets, clothes, decoration items, etc. 

The markets are a mosaic of colors and chaotic. You’ll find shop owners haggling with you to buy their wares, and you should see the products cheap—except you need help understanding the act of bargaining. Visiting the markets in Morocco is an experience you want to experience, as it’ll leave you fulfilled, owners of unique items, and tired. 


Turkey is home to stunning structural designs, and the Market is no exception. Cities like Ankara and Istanbul have the most inspiring markets, and the experience is similar to Morocco’s. The Turkish cuisines you can find at various food stalls at the Market add to the charm. You’ll get delicacies to try out, and remember to check the book sections. You’ll be awed. 

Winner: Morocco—the Market is more boisterous, and you’ll find many beautiful items. 



There are several transport systems in Morocco. You can use the Petit taxi, the commonest In the country. It’s in various colors—red, green, yellow, etc., according to the cities in the country. There’s the Grand taxi too. The Grand taxi only drops passengers off if they’re going along the general vicinity of the cab. 

Other modes of transportation in Morocco include Careem(a subsidiary of Uber Service, US), buses, tramways, trains, and airplanes. No matter the situation, you’ll always get these various transport modes to move in the Kingdom.


The transport system in Turkey is quite comfortable and affordable. The most common scenario is the private bus that moves between the cities. It’s enormous and has free features like headsets, newspapers, single seats, etc. The fare is reasonable, so you can hop on one while sightseeing. Other modes of transport in the country include Subways, trains, buses, planes, and minibuses in the main cities. 

Winner: A tie

Nature & Scenery


The country is simply magical in its elegant way, with its Rocky coastline to the Atlas mountains. The beach expands into the Sahara Desert and offers halal travelers the most beautiful and awe-inspiring sights they could imagine. 

Adventure is an experience you must experience while in Morocco. 

You can visit the Sahara Desert, which you’ve only ever seen in documentaries and books, rent a camel, and feel what living in the ancient days was like. The coastline houses small, cozy, and pretty towns you can explore. There’s no doubt that the scenery in Morocco is fascinating. 


Turkey is where about three climatic zones (Europe, Africa, and Asia) meet. Hence, you should expect various animals, plants, and lush greenery. The country is a mixture of terrain that houses wildlife. You’ll find beaches with the best view along the coasts, valleys, and mountain ranges.

 There’s a hot spring in one of the cities(Pamukkale). The spring is a vast white terrace of calcium pools that’s incredible. The ocean water is quite warm, and you can visit whenever you want. 

Winner: Morocco—the scenery of Morocco is simply extraordinary. It offers more than what Turkey has.



The Kingdom is quite famous for being tolerant, especially to travelers. The locals are hospitable, caring, and warm. They have a friendly nature and can welcome you as a family—especially if you lodge at a Riad. Even though you may get curious looks as an outsider, they’ll wave and strive to converse with you. Even though it was formerly a French colony, English is widely spoken—with French.


The Turkish people are amiable and are always ready to help. They can stay, which is normal, but it’s usually fascinating. Moreover, the locals are inviting and warm, so they ask questions to get to know you more. Turkey is a hospitable country that you’ll have no problem visiting.

Winner: A tie


Morocco vs. Turkey? Comparing these two countries with similar characteristics is daunting. The landscape that Turkey embraces and the historical sights in Morocco are too irresistible not to visit. If we pick an overall winner, it’d be Morocco. 

Morocco promises fantastic adventures, and so does Turkey. Hence, you can compare these criteria and choose the best country that suits you. But if you have the money and resources, it’s advisable to travel to Morocco and Turkey.