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Young kids surfing the internet without a parent’s guidance can harm your home. Social media and the internet as a whole have so much information that even haram actions are seen as halal. So, ensuring your kids are consuming the right content online is necessary. This section will explore some of the best Muslim-friendly apps for kids.

Getting the right apps for kids can take time and effort. The world now has little or no censorship on what kids should see and not see. So, this article will help parents find the right Muslim-friendly apps that give kids a better understanding of the Deen and the prophets of Islam educationally and entertainingly.

1. Ali Huda

Ali Huda is an entertaining and educational app you can trust with your kids. It’s a safe platform where kids can have fun and have better knowledge about Islam. It has a video-on-demand streaming service for kids to laugh and learn. 

Your kids will have access to thousands of videos and Nasheeds, which will help them learn more about Allah (SWT) and the prophet (SAW). Also, kids can use the animation app to learn more about stories of the Quran, prayer, Dua, Ramadan, Hajj, Umrah, etc.

There are also Quran and Arabic shows that can aid kids with their memorization. Other features include interactive quizzes, educational series, and activities for active learning. It’s a great Muslim-friendly app for kids.

Links: iOS / Android

2. Muslim Kids TV

Have you been looking for Muslim-friendly apps for your kids? Try Muslim Kids TV! It’s a one-stop shop for Islamic Cartoons, education, and fun. It offers over 15,000 resources, including Islamic games, ebooks, and videos. Learning becomes more enjoyable for your kids with this app. Kids can quickly learn from role models on the app and improve their character for a successful upbringing. 

Muslim Kids TV offers many videos with three streaming TV channels. It also has interactive activities like live-action adventures and high-quality 2D and 3D cartoons. Likewise, the content covers Islamic knowledge, cooking, game shows, documentaries, poetry and literature, etc.

Links: iOS / Android

3. One4Kids TV

One4Kids TV is a 100% halal online TV that is a safe and educational place for your kids. It gives you the peace of mind that your kids watch Muslim-friendly content because of their secure browsing features. The songs are all music-free, with a free trial for users. The subscription, however, gives complete access to many videos, like Little Explorers TV series, Zaky’s Learning Club TV series, Hurray for Baba Ali TV series, etc.

Links: iOS / Android

4. Ali and Sumaya

Ali and Sumaya is among the best Muslim-friendly apps recommended by numerous past users and sheikhs. It’s an interactive Islamic online school with quizzes and videos for kids. The app includes quizzes, lessons on Arabic recitation and how to perform Salah among others.

It also has a tracker and flexible daily schedule, with badges and certificates for each lesson completed. Some features are live weekend classes for children to learn more about the Deen, 3D animation videos to help students, and a global leaderboard for students to learn and compete with themselves.

Links: iOS / Android

5. Learns Quran with Marbel

The Quran has been sent down to us as a reminder so that we may stay on the right path. One of the best ways to learn the Quran is to start as a kid. Hence, adding this Quran app to the starter pack that your kids need for a God-fearing upbringing is essential. Learns Quran with Marbel is an educational app for kids between three and eight years old. The app also helps kids learn more about the Arabic letters tanwin, hijaiyah, and harokat.

The app helps kids to learn in a fun way, and it has narration for kids who can’t read yet. Kids can learn by listening to the voice, and there are games that help to evaluate their knowledge of the Quran. The learning materials are displayed in beautiful pictures, animation, and voice with narration to attract kids. 

Links: iOS / Android

6. Daily Duas for Kids

Daily Duas for Kids is another Muslim-friendly app containing different Duas for your daily activities. It teaches kids the essential Duas for situations like eating, sleeping, entering and leaving the house, waking up, visiting the mosque, etc. Also, the Duas are available in Arabic, as well as translation, audio, and illustration. There’s a cute quiz mode that helps kids test their memories of the duas.

Links: iOS / Android

7. Muslim Kids Educational Games

Muslim Kids Educational Games is a halal app that provides several Islamic games for kids, such as puzzles, matching, coloring, spelling, and memory. It helps kids to learn about colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables, Arabic alphabets, etc. It also teaches Islamic terms like the Prophet, Quran, Kaaba, Allah, Muhammad, etc. Not only that, but it has a system that rewards kids to motivate them to play and learn more.

Links: iOS / Android

Bottom Line

We’ve explored a few Muslim-friendly apps for kids that they can use to have fun and learn more about Islam. Most of these apps are available on iOS and Android, making them accessible to parents.