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It’s Ramadan, and your Iman has increased. You’re striving to fulfill Allah’s commandments and stay off sins. But do you need daily motivation and Allah’s remembrance to remain on the right path? We got you!

Islamic podcasts are a good way to connect with Allah (SWT) during this Ramadan. It helps you learn from the podcast’s experience and shape you into a more believing Muslim. This article will explore a few amazing Muslim Podcasts for Ramadan 2024.

Why you should listen to Muslim Podcasts for Ramadan 2024

1. Daily Inspiration

Our faith flickers, and you might wake up with a lower Iman than you felt the previous day. Hence, Muslim Podcasts will help to uplift your Iman and help you regain it. They give you the daily inspiration to wade through your challenges.

2. Allah’s remembrance

Listening to these podcasts will help you to remember Allah every time. They will instill Allah’s mercy, guidance, and love in you. So, listening to these podcasts will help you love Allah more and connect with Him better.

3. Avoid Music

    If you have the habit of listening to Music, listening to podcasts is a good way to stop it. Usually, your body is accustomed to listening to sounds so that you can make podcasts your utmost alternative.

    4. Consistency

    It’s very easy to start Ramadan by being excited about the blessings. However, many people tend to lose this excitement towards the half of the month. It can be dangerous as the month is limited and comes another year. You can use these Muslim Podcasts for Ramadan 2024 to keep track of your consistency and not get tired.

    5. Knowledge

    You get to meet different Muslims with numerous views about life. There’s no doubt that you’ll learn a thing or two by listening to the podcasts.

    Muslim Podcasts for Ramadan 2024.

    1. Yaqeen Institute

    Let us tell you this: you’re missing out big time if you’re not listening to Yaqeen’s Institute Podcast. The podcast answers your deepest questions about the Deen, how to live a halal lifestyle, and sort out fears you feel uncertain about. Some imams you can listen to at Yaqeen’s Institute include Omar Suleiman, Suleiman Hani, and other prominent Islamic scholars.

    They even have a Quran 30for30 series that aims to connect you more with the meanings of some surahs in the Quran and help you reflect on yourself. Yaqeen Institute is one of the best Podcasts for Ramadan 2024 you can listen to.

    2. Mindful Muslimah Speaks

    Mindful Muslimah Speaks is a soul-lifting platform that empowers Muslimahs by helping them thrive in Islam and become women of impact. We stumbled across the podcast the other day and Insha’Allah, it was fantastic.

    The topics range from different views about Islamic lifestyle and stories, plus experiences you can learn from as Muslims. The platform provides training, mentorship, and community support to women in over 100 countries worldwide, Mashallah. It’s indeed an interesting platform for women.

    3. The Mindful Muslim Podcast

      The Mindful Muslim Podcast is one of the best Podcasts for Ramadan 2024. It focuses on psychology, Islam, and spirituality. The topics range from how to live an Islamic lifestyle to health, relationships, and navigating this Dunya. They help you connect with Allah (SWT), discover more about yourself, and solve inner problems you didn’t even know you had.

      Mindfulness is one of the virtues you stand to learn by listening to the Mindful Muslim Podcast. Also, you’ll have access to many Islamic scholars and gain more knowledge about Islam.

      4. Mufti Menk

      Everyone loves Mufti Menk, right? We love him, too! Mufti Menk is one of the most compassionate and down-to-earth Islamic scholars in recent times. He has numerous followers on all social media, and his lecture series, Mufti Menk Hallmark, has made people love him more.

      We bet you didn’t know that Mufti Menk has a podcast you can listen to. His podcasts are focused on spirituality, Islam, character, relationships, and the truth. Listening to him can increase your level of Iman in this holy month, so hop on it!

      5. OnePath Podcast

        Searching for Muslim Podcasts for Ramadan 2024? Try OnePath Podcast. OnePath Podcast is a spiritual and uplifting Islamic platform focusing on family, relationships, health, real-life experiences, and practicing Islam.

        Kamah Saleh is the host, and you’ll get access to different Islamic key figures and their experiences in this life. You can check out OnePath Podcast on Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, and other media platforms.

        6. Hijabi Diaries

        Hijabi Diaries is another Muslim Podcast for Ramadan 2024. It’s a platform that encourages and welcomes Muslim women to share insights about their experiences, how Allah (SWT) has come through for them, and His blessings, dreams, and aspirations.

        They also encourage Muslims to share their experiences on how they came to wear the hijab, so this can be an inspiration for you if you’re still struggling to wear the hijab properly. Hijabi Diaries tackle Islamophobia issues, and you can learn a few solutions from them. The podcast is a one-stop shop for everything Islam: stories, advice, and spiritual growth. 

          Bottom Line

          Listening to chosen Muslim Podcasts for Ramadan 2024 will make you a better Muslim than before Ramadan. You can check through our list, select the one that resonates with you the most, implement the teachings, and watch as the Almighty will transform your situation for the better.