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Ramadan is here, and everyone is happy about the numerous benefits they stand to gain during the month. However, a great way to reap amazing rewards this month is by withdrawing from social media. It can be a partial or complete withdrawal — depending on your lifestyle. But how to do it? In this article, we’ll be home exploring some cc.

Let’s go!

Why You Should Stay off Social Media in Ramadan

1. Ramadan is the month of spirituality and connection

Ramadan is an avenue for you to reflect on your past self, your sins, and your connection with Allah (SWT). It’s a month that’s like a bonus for you to wash off your sins and amass good deeds. Hence, you need to withdraw completely or partially from social media to reconnect with Allah (SWT) and stay away from distractions.

2. Addiction

As said above, Ramadan is a bonus for you. It’s a month that aims to eradicate your bad habits and make you a better version of yourself. Many people are addicted to social media without knowing. They’re obsessed with the need to check video content and wallow away their time.

3. Peer pressure and showoffs

Social Media has become a platform for people to show off their blessings and let others validate their lifestyle. It can be the cause of your discontentment about your lifestyle. Social Media can push you into doing what you normally wouldn’t do, with the thought of “others are doing it.”

4. Distraction

Social Media can distract you from spending time with Allah (SWT) and getting to know where you need divine intervention.

5. Sins

Ramadan isn’t only about staying away from food and drinks. You’re also fasting with your mind, eyes, and other body parts. So, spending too much time on social media can lure you more into the sins you should be washing off in this holy month.

Practical Tips to Stay Off Social Media this Ramadan

  1. Start small by staying away from social media for a few hours.
  2. Delete the apps on your phone.
  3. Find some other Islamic entertaining activities to spend your break.
  4. Mute contacts that are known for posting irrelevant content
  5. Turn off all notifications and vibrate alerts
  6. Spend more time with friends that will encourage you to do more worship
  7. Pray to Allah (SWT) to make it easy for you
  8. Be disciplined with your social media detoxification and use the time to make Dua
  9. Set an attainable goal as regards staying off social media and reward yourself when you meet the goal
  10. Last but not least, be consistent with your social media detoxification even after Ramadan

Final Thoughts

It’s the month of Ramadan, and many people are caught off guard about how to stop spending immense time on social media. In this section, we explored a few practical Tips to get off social media during Ramadan and why you need to stay off it. 

Ramadan Mubarak.

Taqaballahu Minna Wa Minkum.