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Ramadan is fast approaching, and many Muslims worldwide are excited and anticipating it. In this month, everyone tightens up and is reminded of Allah’s mercy. Many do what they can to increase their good deeds this month — knowing it’ll be multiplied in several folds. One of the best good deeds during Ramadan is Charity.

However, many need to figure out where to donate to or whom to give to. Fortunately, there are some trustworthy Ramadan Charity initiatives in the US that can help. This section will highlight a few organizations and what you should know about them. Let’s go!

Muslim Aid

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Muslim Aid is one of the best Ramadan Charity initiatives in the US. They provide shelter and food during harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, and build schools and hospitals in poor areas. They are an advocate of positive change, and they always leave the best imprint everywhere they go.

Muslim Aid in the US focuses on supporting weak Muslim communities, giving youth education, leadership programs, and disaster relief. Donating to Muslim Aid is a significant cause, and your donation will make life easy for your Muslim brethren.

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA has existed for over four decades, meeting Muslims’ needs worldwide. The organization is best at tackling challenges like hunger, healthcare, poverty, education, etc. The organization has empowered youth, refugees, and immigrants and is one of the first responders during trying times. The donation will help those struggling, especially during Ramadan.

You’re supposed to give out your little earnings for more reward. Meanwhile, you can pay Zakat and do Qurbani via Islam Relief USA. They have a charity challenge centered around the last ten nights of Ramadan, which makes it easy to give charity and reap the rewards from Allah (SWT).

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is another Ramadan Charity initiative in the US focused on healthcare and underprivileged people. It provides life-saving healthcare to serve thousands of people. Donating to this organization helps others retain their healthy living, and your donations become their Ray of Hope, which will help them out of calamities. You can easily donate to Transparent Hands during Ramadan, especially if you want to save lives.

Zakat Foundation of America

Zakat Foundation is an initiative in the US that offers rehabilitation, education, healthcare, and more for vulnerable communities. They provide meals during Ramadan for those in need. The initiative has existed since 2001, and they’ve been helping people since then.

Zakat Foundation also caters to orphans, cares for people with cancer, makes donations for Fidya and Kaffarah, Turkey and Syria, Earthquake relief, and food for starving people. You can donate to this charity during Ramadan to help other people in need who are also fasting. Also, you can donate online since the process is straightforward.

Muslim Response USA

Muslim Response USA is one of the best Ramadan Charity initiatives in the US. It provides a lifeline to victims of floods, drought, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. Also, they stand behind people sent out of their homes by conflicts or disease outbreaks. They also have different community programs that help build local people and empower them to stand independently.

During Ramadan, they have a Feed The Fasting program where they distribute food parcels, Suhoor, and iftar meals to Muslim brethren in various countries. Muslim Response USA has a 100% Zakat Policy, which ensures that all donations go to the people who require them the most. So, are you looking to donate to the people during 2024’s Ramadan? Use Muslim Response USA.

Penny Appeal USA

Penny Appeal USA was launched in 2016 and is part of an international Penney Appeal organization. It’s a relief organization aiming to create the best communities and break the chains of poverty around the world. Hence, they focus on turning a small change into a big difference. Penny Appeal USA is a top Ramada charity initiative in the US because of its flexibility.

They have different plans for Ramadan. Some are donations towards Fidyah and Kaffarah, donations to mothers and babies, hungry orphans, building wells, and the last ten nights of Ramadan.

The organization has been transforming lives since its launch by providing for people in need in different countries worldwide. With your donation, you can provide emergency aid and clean water, care for the orphans and the mothers, and deliver nutritious meals.

LIFE for Relief and Development

LIFE is another charity initiative in the US and is a humanitarian organization. It’s one of the best charities in America for disaster victims and poor people. LIFE operates in over 55 countries, providing healthcare, food, education, and shelter. You can donate to this organization during Ramadan so that your contribution can go a long way in helping people.

Bottom Line

Ramadan is a generous month that Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon the Muslim ummah. It’s a time to reflect, pray, and seek forgiveness for your shortcomings. Giving Charity is an excellent way to accumulate more good deeds this month. Thus, we’ve highlighted a few Ramadan Charity initiatives in the US that you can donate to. May the Almighty let us reach Ramadan and beyond (Ameen).