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Do you want to travel alone but are afraid of harassment, scams, your safety, and being stereotyped as a Muslim? 

Having these fears is normal, especially if you’re new to traveling solo. You might have heard scary news about females traveling alone, which implanted these fears. So, we’ll use this medium to give a few safety tips for Muslim women traveling solo.

Your safety should be your utmost priority, as you have to be JUST to yourself, too. Muslim travelers understand the essence of connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and fostering acceptance of different traditions. Traveling is an opportunity to promote understanding, learn more about other cultures, and explore novel experiences.

Traveling solo is an excellent way to discover more about yourself and learn how you manage outside your comfort zone. You can explore many things easily, especially if you don’t feel lonely.

Safety Tips for Female Muslim Traveling Solo

1. Begin with your Dua

The only one who can protect you is Allah (SWT), so start your journey with Him. Make sure you make your sincere Duas at the beginning of every trip. He can keep you safe, so trust Him.

2. Pay for a good lodge.

Booking a reputable lodge or hotel will assure you that you have where to lay your head for the night. Also, accommodation in a good location can provide you with safety and expose you to many unique experiences. Besides, most of the hotels have different options with different facilities, so you can choose any that falls into your budget.

You can always check online for hotel reviews or use Google Maps to check the street view and see if you’d like to spend your vacation in that area. 

3. Share your itinerary with someone else.

Traveling as a solo Muslim woman, you should share your itinerary with your family members and friends. It’ll help them keep track of you. It’s also recommended so that someone can know your location in case of unexpected situations. You can do it with the vehicles you use for transport during your journey too. Just take a picture of the plate number and send it to your friends.

4. Lifts/Elevators/Stairs

Depending on the situation, use an alternative if any of the above is dark and use the crowded means every time. If many people are using the elevator, join in the crowd, and if it’s the stairwells, do the same. But use the lift or elevator or stairs only when they’re light and you’re on your own. 

5. Be observant

One of the main safety tips for Muslim women traveling solo is being observant. It goes the same for all travelers, but it’s more important if you’re traveling alone. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and don’t be careless with your possessions. Ensure to mix in with the crowd and enjoy the vacation while being observant.

6. Refrain from telling strangers that you’re alone.

No matter how much you feel you can trust a stranger, never give the impression that you’re traveling solo as a Muslim woman. Always position yourself that you’re with someone else to keep bad situations at bay.

7. Always plan your prayer times.

You can use different Muslim apps to check the prayer times in your location and plan. Make sure you have your prayer mat and the right direction to the mosque where you wish to pray. While praying, always seek Allah’s protection because he’s the best Protector.

8. Trust your instinct

Your instinct is a good way of keeping safe while on your solo trips. So, always trust your instincts and pray that the Almighty helps you to make the right decisions.

9. Draw attention when any bad situation arises.

You can do whatever you can to draw attention towards yourself whenever you’re being harassed or under attack. Although some people might not care, some may rise to your aid. You can always scream, use a whistle, or have the local police on speed dial and speak to them loudly. 

10. Ensure you visit a destination when it’s safe.

The time and season you travel is also crucial to your safety. It’s best to avoid destinations with wars, celebrations, and festivals that can affect you mentally, spiritually, and even financially.

So, it’s recommended to search for the “best time to visit” before packing your luggage. The same goes for the season, too. Refrain from visiting a strange destination when the weather isn’t favorable even to the citizens. Weather issues like tornados, earthquakes, and avalanches are out of your control.

11. Be aware of what you consume.

When traveling solo, please don’t leave your food unattended to avoid it being spiked. Also, always eat from a reputable source that will cause you no harm.

12. Learn a few familiar local phrases.

Learning a few familiar local phrases can save you in any situation. They come in handy when you least expect. So, you can learn a few words like Excuse me, thanks, please, no, etc. It’ll help you as a female Muslim traveling solo.

Bottom Line

One of the best safety tips for Muslim women traveling solo is putting your trust in Allah. We’ve suggested a few tips that should keep you safe, but Allah is the ultimate Protector. So, pray to Him and seek his impregnable protection so you can enjoy your vacation and discover more about yourself.