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Some people shy away from popular social media because of the increased rate of haram content. Even though the content you see on your feed depends on the algorithm you build, there’s still a great chance you’ll see what your eyes shouldn’t. As Allah (SWT) has commanded us to avoid the sins of the eyes, we’ve explored a few social networking apps for Muslim communities. These halal apps will help you learn more about Islam while encouraging you to avoid sin.

So, let’s check them out! 

1. Ummah

Ummah is a Muslim social app that aims to connect 1.9 billion Muslim communities globally. The app is available on both Google Play Store and app store. Ummah believes that Social Media should be a platform where users can connect and build strong relationships without having divisive content. It features halal content that helps you feed your heart with Allah’s rules and brings you peace of mind.

You can easily express yourself in a community that understands your faith without being stereotyped. The app also has features like chat messages, voice calls and video calls. It’s very easy to use the halal map to find halal restaurants and masjids and stay updated about the different events in your society. Ummah even allows you to donate to majids and nonprofit organizations to earn maximum rewards from Allah (SWT).

2. Deenify

    Deenify is an Islamic community app focused on privacy and caters to Muslims who want to follow Islamic principles. The app is different and complimentary of spam, nudity, indecency, violence, and hate speeches. It has features like Dua requests, questions and answers, posts, etc. With over 1k+ downloads on the Google Play store, Deenify is one of Muslim communities’ best social networking apps.

    You can make Duas or ask others to make Duas for you, share your stories with other Muslims and follow like-minded people.

    3. Umma Life

    Umma Life is a safe and secure social networking app for Muslim communities based on the Sharia principles. It’s built to be a detailed online community based on Islamic law principles with different features like news, mosque directory, marketplace and many more. It’s a social media platform that’s meant to foster the moral aura that Muslims around the world need. The app’s mission is to build a community where Sunnah and the Quran-based students of knowledge can interact virtually.

      With over 100k downloads, Ummah Life has different features, making it an ideal social networking app for Muslim communities.

      4. Dawahgram

      Dawahgram is another halal social networking app safe for children and adults. It has a zero nudity policy that helps to avoid falling into the Haram of the eyes and mind. It’s an avenue to expand your horizons by meeting new righteous brothers and sisters and accessing unlimited religious content. Dawahgram also ensures that you get education and halal resources, and your subscription is Sadaqah Jariyah.

        Moreover, it has a clean, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate. Dawahgram is a one-stop shop for everything about Islam, from connecting with other Muslims to inspirational quotes, halal courses and informative videos.

        5. Alfafaa community 

        Are you irritated by the constant display of nudity on different social media? Do you crave a more righteous platform where you can learn about your faith? Download Alfafaa. The app is built for Muslims who need a safe space to express their wisdom and knowledge about Islamic principles worldwide. Ethical principles from the Quran guide the platform, following the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). 

          Reasons why you should use social networking apps for Muslim communities

          1. Safe place

          One of the reasons you should consider using a Muslim social app is the need for a safe place. These apps respect religious and cultural principles and steer clear of inappropriate content.

          2. A community

            These apps can help you to build the best communities. It’ll bring together different Muslims worldwide, and you can create strong bonds through these relationships.

            3. Halal content

            Social networking apps for Muslim communities will also help you resonate with Islamic content and help you stay halal.

            4. Privacy

              It’s no news that some social media apps compile your data and leave you no privacy. If you’re scared of this, try out reliable social networking apps for Muslim communities that will prioritize your privacy.

              5. Learning resources

              Muslim social apps can be a one-stop shop for all your Islamic learning resources; interestingly, you might have access to them for free.

              6. Avoid stereotypes

                Muslims have to deal with many stereotypes about the way they dress and their way of life. Hence, having Muslim-focused apps will help you avoid these stereotypes and embrace the goodness of Islam.

                Final thoughts

                Social networking apps for Muslim communities are becoming a thing due to the rapid growth of haram content seen on popular social media apps. Hence, we’ve explored a few of the Islamic social apps you can use to feed your mind with halal content.