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 Converting to Islam is one of the best decisions — ever! But it comes with trials and tribulations. When the Almighty guides you towards the right path, you embrace it. Some struggles of a Muslim Convert include getting used to the Islamic way of doing things.

Islam is a vast religion with its principles and rules. Hence, you might feel overwhelmed, but don’t fret! This article will explore the benefits of converting to Islam, the struggles Muslim converts face, and a few tips for being a Muslim.

Who is a Muslim Convert?

A Muslim Convert is someone who accepts Islam as their religion. The person intends to convert to a Muslim from a previous religion and takes the Shahadah.

Benefits of Converting to Islam

There are several benefits of Converting to Islam, and they include the following:

  1. Forming a direct and personal relationship with the Almighty by worshiping Him alone. This relationship helps you to trust God more.
  2. Realizing the true purpose of life, which includes following God’s commandments.
  3. Islam offers a guide throughout the web of life. Since it has answers to different situations, you’ll always find answers.
  4. Islam helps to find true tranquility, happiness and inner peace.
  5. Being a Muslim gives the chance to repent to God after transgressing- with the hopes of forgiveness.
  6. Reward of Paradise where you live without sickness, sadness, or pain. The pleasures of Paradise are more than what you’ve ever encountered before. It’s surreal.

Common Struggles of a Muslim Convert

Despite being the best religion, it’s not all rosy when you’re a Muslim Convert. After the Shahadah, many Muslims welcome you to the faith. Then, they walk away, leaving you with a clean slate. It can be challenging, especially when you live in a non-Muslim majority country.

People undergo religious changes for many reasons, and here are some of the challenges faced by Muslim Converts.

1. Lack of support

Most converts face the problem of lack of support from friends and families. It’s an emotional phase familiar to several converts and can be quite draining. 

2. Lack of mentor

When converting to Islam, most converts need full knowledge of the religion. It can be tasking if there’s no supporter or a mentor to guide you.    

3. Staying away from the prohibitions

As a new Muslim, you can find it challenging to stay away from the things impermissible in Islam. It can even be more difficult to embrace the permissible in Islam because they’re novel.

4. Too much information

While there are many communities for Muslim converts, joining all of them can lead to severe information overload. You become confused and might lose your way if you are not careful. 

5. Confusion

New Muslims get confused easily. On one hand, there are born Muslims telling you to loosen up and not consider the haram as impermissible. Some other Muslims are saying you’re an extremist, and you shouldn’t be like that because you’re a convert. Also, some tend to ask cringy questions like if you’re converted to get married. It’s a rollercoaster.

Tips for Muslim Converts

1. Practice Islam

As a Muslim Convert, you’ll have issues with keeping up with the five daily prayers, fasting and other practices. Remember that it’s a new territory, and take baby steps. Do things at your own pace, and don’t try to do everything simultaneously. Choose one thing to be consistent about and ease yourself into the religion.

2. Respect your parents

Converting to Islam doesn’t mean you’ll start to avoid and disrespect your parts. Keeping a good relationship with your family — Muslim or not — is essential. You can be the stepping stone to bringing Islam into your family, so do your best to portray it well. Respect your parents and strive to mend any troubles your conversion might bring up.

3. Keep going

You’ll face several trials and challenges as a new Muslim. Even the born Muslim still face stereotypes, but remember that the Lord says, Verily, after hardship comes ease. Allah (SWT) has shown you Islam; He will guide and protect you. Trust Him at every instance and always seek solace from Him.

4. Mingle with other Muslims

Another struggle of a Muslim convert is Loneliness. Staying low-key and suffering from depression shouldn’t be your next course of action. Instead, look for local community groups or groups on social media that can help. You can attend your local mosque and try to make friends with other Muslims.

Linking up with similar Muslim converts will also help you with loneliness.

5. Get a teacher

It’s great to have a teacher or mentor who understands Islamic Jurisprudence and can help to make the right decisions. Finding a teacher is essential as you need as much knowledge to navigate Islam. 

It can be unclear to listen to people who aren’t sure what they’re saying. You may need to go through multiple teachers until you find a suitable one for you. Also, you can talk to other Muslim brethren who can recommend the best Islamic teacher.

Bottom line

Being a Muslim convert comes with its challenges and troubles. But staying on the right path of Islam is more beneficial. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few struggles of a Muslim Convert and tips to fit in. Check through and get familiar.