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Respect is a virtue that should be taught from a young age. It’s worthy of honor and can be upheld in every situation. Whether it’s to your mates, elders, or mentors, several people deserve your respect. Many children learn respect from their parents, although some parents need help with how to teach this virtue. Hence, let’s see a few ways you can teach your kids respect in Islam. 

Tolerance, on the other hand, is a virtue that Islam enjoins. Being tolerant of all adversities is indicated in the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet. Respect and tolerance are traits of every Muslim, and teaching them to your kids is essential. Here are a few ways of teaching respect and tolerance in Islamic parenting.

1. Lead by example

As a Muslim parent, one of the best ways of teaching your kids is by showing. Show them that you’re respectful and tolerant of all adversities. When you include these virtues in your day-to-day activities, your children can easily learn about them.

2. Pray about it

Allah (SWT) answers all prayers, and since respect plus tolerance are important for your kid’s upbringing, pray to Him. Seek his forgiveness of sins and cry out your need. He will answer your Dua.

3. Tell stories

Respect and tolerance can be seen in many stories of the prophets, as they teach the habit. So, you can tell your kids stories about being a prophet who is tolerant and respectful towards the elders, the young and other people around him. With this, your kids may strive to become like this project and look up to him.

4. Encourage interpersonal relationships

You can encourage interpersonal relationships by building strong bonds with other Muslim families. Your children can come together and learn from one another.

5. Respect your family

While preaching respect and tolerance to your kids, ensure that you respect them, too. Respect their opinions, and also respect your spouse. When you do this, you’re setting a good example that your kids can follow.

Why You Should Teach Respect

Respect is one of the most crucial virtues a child can possess. Respecting others and their opinions can lead to the development of positive relationships with different people. It’s an invaluable trait that will help your kids lead a happy life.

As kids learn the importance of tolerance and respect, they will be more understanding and open-minded about others. So, educating children about good manners will influence the society as a whole.

Final Thoughts

Teaching respect and tolerance in Islamic parenting is a great step towards giving your kids the best upbringing. Islam encourages respect among families and the community, also all Muslims must be tolerant in the face of challenges.