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Many Muslim women rarely find a balance between halal and cosmetics. It’s a dilemma to find the right cosmetics that suit their faith. However, there’s a novel solution for this: Halal cosmetics.

Several Muslims use cosmetics without thinking about the ingredients. It’s quite dangerous as you can consume haram substances without knowing. Hence, there is a need to understand the role of halal cosmetics in your beauty routine. The understanding will guide you to making the right decisions for your health and faith.

What are Halal Cosmetics?

Halal cosmetics are formulated products with 100% vegan ingredients that are safe for your skin. The certified products don’t contain harmful or toxic chemicals, animal by-products or alcohol that can lead to skin issues. These chemical-free products have been proven effective and can maintain your skin health for a long time. 

Can Cosmetics be halal?

It’s understandable to be skeptical about the thought of cosmetics being halal. But, yes, cosmetics can be halal. Islamic doctrines and values are followed in the production of these products. As mentioned above, these cosmetics are usually natural and don’t contain harmful substances like parabens and sulfates.

Benefits of Halal Cosmetics

1. No alcohol and animal by-products

Halal cosmetics don’t contain ingredients forbidden in Islam, like animal by-products. Thus, Muslim women can buy cosmetics without worrying. Since they don’t include chemical-laden ingredients, they’re great for sensitive skin. 

2. Hypoallergenic

It’s pretty difficult for Muslim women to get cosmetics that follow Islamic laws. However, halal cosmetics are a great option since they contain ingredients that are permissible for Muslims. The cosmetics don’t contain alcohol and are hypoallergenic since they don’t contain ingredients that cause skin irritation.

Halal cosmetics are even recommended for people with sensitive skin and those who suffer from acne and related issues. 

3. Mild effect on the skin

Since halal cosmetics don’t contain harsh chemicals, they gently affect the skin. The skin benefits from the natural ingredients in halal products and helps maintain health. Oils, herbs and botanical extracts used in halal product manufacturing help restore the skin’s natural pH and protect it from other aggressors.

4. Free from toxic ingredients

Damaging substances like Phthalates, which cause cancer; parabens, which influence the hormonal functioning of the body; formaldehyde, triclosan, etc., aren’t present in halal cosmetics products. Without them, these cosmetics offer a stronger layer of security for your skin.

5. Free from animal experimentation

Practices like animal testing are a painful experience for the animals, which can lead to death. The use of these products isn’t permissible for Muslims. Fortunately, no animals are hurt or killed while testing halal products. Halal brands usually adhere to the Halal Quality Control organization rules. Hence, Muslim women can use these cosmetics without worrying too much.

6. The Environment

The ingredients in these cosmetics are environmentally friendly. Natural ingredients like plant extracts and oils are used instead of artificial chemicals. Therefore, the production doesn’t lead to waste that can pollute the environment.

Some of these products even come in recyclable packages, contributing to society’s sustainability. 

Categories of Halal Cosmetics

Halal Skincare

Ingredients like chamomile, henna, and aloe vera are used in halal skincare products—the products in life body creams, serums, toners, sunscreen, cleansers etc. The use of halal skincare will help to maintain the skin’s glow and help it to look more radiant. 

Halal Haircare

Shea butter, coconut, jojoba, rosemary, and fenugreek are used in halal haircare products. The products are tea rinses, conditioners, treatments, shampoos, etc. The hair will improve thanks to the fantastic benefits of the ingredients. Ingredients like silicons and sulfates aren’t added to halal haircare products; they strip off the hair’s natural oils and leave it brittle.

Halal Makeup

Halal makeup products contain only natural components, such as concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, etc. These products help bring out the skin’s glow and maintain health.

Halal Nail care

Nail care products like polish removal, cuticle oil, nail polish, etc., are formulated with natural ingredients and plant extracts. They help air and moisture to pass through the nail bed easily and help the nails thrive.

Using usual nail polish can contain ingredients like toluene and formaldehyde that can cause brittleness of the nails.

Halal nail products are also non-toxic and are enhanced with argan oil, vitamin B5 and vitamin C. They’re also porous enough to allow water to pass through during ablution. Fortunately, there are several halal nail polish brands. You can find our article on them here.

Bottom line

We’ve established the need for Halal Cosmetics in your beauty routine. As a Muslim woman, this article will help you find a balance between cosmetics and halal products. We’ve also highlighted the benefits of the cosmetics and their categories. With this, you can make informed decisions before choosing any products. You can check through and implement.