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Resorts are all-inclusive hotels usually located by the sea with private beaches, swimming pools, sports activities, an assortment of dishes, and high-quality accommodations. Guests staying at resorts should know they’re in for comfort and relaxation throughout their stay. Muslims are careful when choosing a resort to spend their vacation. They have to select one that’s halal-compliant for the food and surroundings. Hence, we have top halal-friendly resorts for vacation in 2024.

The halal resorts in this piece offer amazing facilities for men and women with spa centers, pools, sunbathing areas, and fascinating views. Let’s see some of these halal resorts.

Altis Resort Hotel & Spa

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Location: Belek, Antalya, Turkey

Altis Resort Hotel & Spa is one of the top halal-friendly resorts for vacation in 2024. The resort is known for its fascinating beach with white sand at Belek. It has a female-only beach sunbathing area and an outdoor pool. The menu boasts an assortment of dishes that’s worth the prices.

The peaceful silence and serene environment are other reasons this resort is one of the finest worldwide. Also, there are over 500 rooms in the resort with about nine types, so you can easily find one that suits your taste and pocket. They also have facilities like a praying area, ablution area, terrace, beachfront, etc. All meals are halal in Altis Resort Hotel & Spa.

Languages: Turkish, German, English

Fushifaru Maldives

Location: Hinnavaru, Maldives

This is an all-halal food and environment resort. It’s popular for its location — a small island in the Maldives and situated between two channels connecting the lagoon to the clear blue sea. The view is breathtaking, and that’s only one of the amazing features of Fushifaru Maldives.

The resort is beautiful and houses several villas like premium pool water villas, beach duplex villas, jacuzzi water villas, and so on. Each of these villas has its features, which determine the prices. The hotel serves all halal food, and they have alcohol-free areas. The resort has two beaches, one secluded and one for private hire. Activities like diving, table tennis, windsurfing, canoeing, and mini golf are available at the resort.

Languages: English, Russian, Hindi, Italian, Maldivian, Chinese, Nepali, Filipino and Indonesian.

Grand Mogador Agdal

Location: Agdal, Marrakech, Morocco

Located in the city of Marrakech, Grand Mogador Agdal is a perfect halal resort for vacation in 2024. It’s known for its appealing setting and halal dealings. The resort serves only halal food, and they don’t have alcohol.

Reviews show that past customers loved the pools, which consisted of both family and kids’ pools. They also serve a breakfast buffet that comprises a variety of meals. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy your stay in Morroco, Grand Mogador Agdal is a great option. They also have features like gardens, terraces, lounging areas, and indoor pools.

Languages: English, French, Arabic,

Wome Deluxe

Location: Alanya, Antalya, Turkey

Wome Deluxe is an alcohol-free resort with indoor and outdoor pools for ladies only. The resort is located in Turkey and serves only halal food. There’s also a beach for ladies only and a hammam for private hiring. The resort is nestled in between green and rich forest with sandy beaches. There are about ten swimming pools in the resort, so you can imagine how huge it is!

They have different rooms with unique views, like the family suite with the Sea view, the Deluxe Suite with the forest view, the superior room, the supreme room, etc. Wome Deluxe is a family-friendly environment with a halal atmosphere and cheerful staff. Guests can engage in activities like playing billiards, bowling, table tennis, volleyball, and so on. They also have a secluded spa, which can be for ladies or a private family.

Languages: Turkish, French, English

Cleopatra Luxury Resort

Location: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Cleopatra Luxury Resort is one of the top halal-friendly resorts for vacation in 2024. It’s a fascinating resort with an amazing garden, pool, and sea views. You can choose your room based on the views you wish to see. Some rooms are triple superior with garden view, deluxe double room with sea view, superior double room with garden view, etc.

It’s a private resort known for its large infinity pool and beachfront. The scenery, the staff, and the features of the resorts put it ahead of others. They have a private hire spa and saunas that require reservations. The menu is halal, and the pools cater to mixed genders. Ladies in modest swimwear are also allowed into the pool area. The resort also has shops on site like mini markets, gift shops, etc.

Langauages: Arabic, English

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara

Location: Doha, Qatar

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara is located in Qatar, and it’s one of the best halal resorts in the country. It offers only halal food, and no alcohol is served on the premises. The resort boasts different rooms and villas with private pools. It’s also popular for having its reefs, lagoon pools, sophisticated dining options, etc. The resort is a world of its own that offers luxury, comfort, and entertainment as one.

With the beautiful and scenic views, friendly staff, and amazing environment, past customers can’t wait to visit Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara again. If you’re on a romantic getaway or a vacation generally, this hotel is a great option. It’s also family-friendly, so you can’t go wrong with it!

Languages: Filipino, Tagalog, Serbian, Thai, Russian, Hindi, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, English

Bottom line

Are you looking for the top halal-friendly resorts for vacation in 2024? This article is for you. We’ve explored elegant and classy halal resorts around the world ac and you’ll see that they’re the best!