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It’s no news that Steak is an important part of the American food culture. The Americans love their Steak, and the Muslim Americans are not an exception — as long as it’s halal. Thus, there’s a need to find where to get halal steaks in America. There are several halal dietary industries focused on providing Halal steaks in the United States. So, this article will emphasize where to get halal steaks in the US. Let’s check it out!

Best Halal Steak Restaurants in the US

Affy’s Premium Grill

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Affy’s Premium Grill is one of the best places to get halal steaks in America. The grill has been in existence since 2008 and has been serving halal eaters ever since. It’s located at 1909 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230, United States, and some menus include Rib Eye Steak, Steak and Fries, Chili Nachos, etc.

Zafran Grill Steakhouse

Zafran Grill is another place to get a halal steak in the USA. The restaurant offers Zabihah meat, and it’s located around 46 W Old Country Rd, Hicksville, NY 11801, United States. With 4.5 Google Ratings, Zafran Grille’s menu includes Beef burgers, Chicken wraps, Steak Sandwiches, Spicy Fried Calamari, etc.

Kanoon Restaurant

Kanoon Restaurant is a family restaurant in New Jersey that offers halal Middle Eastern dishes with a twist of American BBQ. It’s the first halal smokehouse in New Jersey, and the menu consists of grilled meat with amazing spices that give the right taste. Each bite of the dishes from Kanoon Restaurant is a testament to the culinary creativity the chef exhibits.

If you’re looking for premium halal steaks in the USA, Kanoon Restaurant is a great option. The warm atmosphere of the restaurant helps to create lasting memories with friends and families. It’s located around 349 Hazel St., Clifton, NJ 07011, United States.

212 Steakhouse

212 Steakhouse is one of the finest restaurants in New York. The restaurant states clearly that they offer halal steaks on the menu. It’s a Muslim-owned enterprise, but it’s not fully halal. 

It’s located around 316 E 53rd St., New York, NY 10022, United States, and the menu includes prime beef, seafood, mocktails, authentic Kobe, and Wagyu — to mention a few.


Searching for a halal steakhouse in the US? Try out GOSHT. GOSHT is located around 3215 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States, and the menu consists of the GOSHT burger, lamb ribs, rib eye, chops, etc. The restaurant offers halal Steak cooked whichever way you prefer it. It’s also quite affordable.

Other places to get Halal Steaks in the US

Halal Butcher Houses

Another great way to get halal steaks in the USA is to visit butcher houses that sell halal meat. You can also reach out to online halal meat suppliers who can deliver halal meat to your door any day.


Since America is a non-Muslim majority country, halal meat isn’t readily available in traditional markets. So, you can get halal meat in the supermarkets. Many grocery stores are also increasing the supply of halal meat as the demand for it rises.

Where to Order Halal Steaks Online in the US


Midamar is a global supplier of halal food in the US. It offers services to institutional bodies like hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, etc. So, if you need halal meat and food in bulk, you can use Midamar. It’s known for premium beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb in the best halal form.


Hal&Al is another place to get halal steaks in the USA. The company offers services based on premium Zabiha meat and delivers it everywhere in the country. Hal&Al is also 100% certified Zabiha halal, and all their products have the HMS (Halal Monitoring Services) certification.

Boxed Halal

Boxed Halal is an online halal meat provider that delivers to your doorstep. But there’s a twist. With Boxed Halal, customers have the opportunity to choose either small, curated, or large boxes. The small and large boxes will depend on the type of meat you want, while the curated boxes are ready-made based on preferences and different occasions.

Bottom Line

Living in a non-Muslim majority country like the USA means you need to source for your halal meals. Since many Americans are fond of steaks, getting halal steaks shouldn’t be an issue. Hence, we’ve explored a few places where you can get halal steaks in the US. You should check them out!