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Ramadan decorations are used to create a happy and festive atmosphere during the holy month of Ramadan. They serve as a visual reminder of the month’s significance and help improve the ambience for gatherings, special prayers and meals with family and friends. The decorations also play a role in fostering a sense of community and solidarity among fasting Muslims. Where to get the Ramadan decorations online in the US might be a dilemma for some Muslims.

Therefore, this article will explore different places in the US where you can get Ramadan decorations online. Let’s delve in!

1. Amazon US

Are you thinking about where to get Ramadan decorations online in the US? Of course, Amazon should be one of your options. There are different Amazon platforms according to the country. So, you can navigate the Amazon US platform to the Ramadan decorations categories.

You’ll find Ramadan decorations items like Ramadan Mubarak Wreath, window stickers, Ramadan backdrop, banners, gold lanterns, etc. Also, you can check through properly to get affordable Ramadan decorations items you can use.

2. Temu

With Temu, you get free shipping! That’s one of the reasons to order your Ramadan decorations from Temu. However, the delivery takes about 7-15 business days before it’s delivered. However, You can opt for paid express delivery, which will reduce the delivery days.

Temu platform went live in September 2022 and has become the most frequently downloaded app in the US. It’s advisable to order now since Temu delivery takes a while. Besides, Temu is one of the cheapest e-commerce sites you can use. Input “Ramadan decoration” into the search bar on the Temu app or website, and you’ll find many s. You’ll even see information on the person who bought it and the amount left in stock.

3. DaysofEid

DaysofEid is a Muslim e-commerce company that caters to the needs of Muslims worldwide online. They sell quality items at affordable prices with the best customer service. It was established to elevate the Muslim home and encourage the identity of Muslim children.

There’s free shipping on orders over $100. Navigate the site to the SHOP category and choose the options for the items you wish to order. For Ramadan decorations, choose “Ramadan decor,” and you’ll find items like door decor, Moroccan floor lanterns, lantern string lights, garland packs, etc.

4. Walmart US

Walmart US is another fantastic place to order Ramadan decorations online. It ships to the USA and its territories, so you can easily order and get your items. Walmart delivers within two days or less, so it’s a good option if you’re excited to see your items.

Besides, you can get free shipping based on your location. Walmart has several Ramadan decor items, including Moon Craft Ornament, Ramadan Mubarak sign, wall stickers, moon lamps, etc.

5. Etsy

Etsy is one of the biggest e-commerce sites worldwide. Several shops on Etsy sell the Ramadan decoration items you need. Usually, delivery takes about 3–7 days; free shipping depends on the items you’re buying.

Etsy is also an excellent place to find uniquely crafted Ramadan decor pieces that can uplift the spiritual atmosphere. You can check through the Ramadan decorations section on the site and find the right items for your home, restaurants, office, etc.

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is a China e-commerce retail service catering to consumers’ needs worldwide. The company is based in China, but they deliver anywhere in the world. The delivery system takes about 15–60 days, and it depends on the information given by the seller. Free shipping is also available on AliExpress, and the price of your desired items determines it.

You can speed up the delivery process by opting for delivery by air instead of sea. Are you wondering where to get Ramadan decorations online? AliExpress is a great option. They have many pretty Ramadan decor items that will improve the ambience of your surroundings and make it known that it’s time for Ramadan.

7. Modefa

Modefa is a Muslim brand founded by a Turkish American and American revert family. The enterprise can deliver to different states efficiently within 2-3 business days.

There’s free shipping for orders above $100; you can order by phone, website, and email. Although the items are limited, Modefa also sells wholesale to selected vendors. You can also find Ramadan home decor at affordable prices on this site. 

8. Eid Creations

Eid Creations is an online store that started by selling party decor. It’s a store that weaves different cultures to produce unique products you can never get elsewhere. You can find various Ramadan decorations on EidCreations, and of course, Eid decorations are included.

EidCreations delivers orders within 1-3 business days. You can find different Ramadan decoration items on this website. The prices are affordable, and some items are lantern favors, Ramadan medallions, Ramadan cursive banners, geometric Ramadan lunch plates, etc.

Bottom Line

Where to get Ramadan decorations online in the US is a dilemma for some Muslims. However, these decoration items are essential as they help signify the Ramadan celebration and improve the ambiance of the surroundings.

Instead of ordering from the wrong e-commerce sites, we’ve compiled different sites you can easily use. With this article, you can find various Ramadan decorations items at affordable prices and delivered within a few days.